The Dolly Eye: Icy Melon (Honey Brown) Lens review!!!

I’ve been really loving these lenses. At first when I looked at the design it kind of freaked me out because it didn’t seem so natural in photographs- and the colour… well the colour seemed a bit odd. But after some thinking and then mustering up the courage to get them it was all well worth it. I really love these lenses! They’re comfy and makes you look like a dreamy doll~ LOL.

This is what they look like in the case.


The lenses are from The Dolly Eye’s Icy Melon series. They come in pink, violet, green, blue, honey brown and grey. 14.8mm in diameter and 38% water content.

Pros: It’s simple, It’s odd because its so different from other lenses but makes your eyes look dreamy. If you have brown eyes, the honey brown makes your eyes look like its gradating in colour which looks quite pretty~ It draws more attention to your real iris rather than the lens itself. Perfect for a wintry princess sort of look. The colour opacity is quite strong so there’s no need to be afraid of it not showing. (For those who are worried if the colour doesn’t show up for cosplay or other purposes). The regular diameter of the lenses and its simple design make them really comfortable to wear. I tend to find lenses with a lot more design a lot thicker and irritating to wear >W<!

Cons: If you pick a colour that contrasts with your eye colour then i’m afraid it’ll look quite unnatural and probably even pretty bad. I think this lens look best if you try and match it with your real eye colour or if not- you’ll really have to match it with a makeup look or else it’ll look weird. Another thing you want to keep in mind is whether or not how big your real pupil is. Because the design is only on the outer edges of the lens and fades in, if you have really small pupils then some eyewhite might show before the design reaches your pupils :L!!!

Other than that there’s not much that i didn’t like about these lens!!! The right colour can really bring out the original colour of your eyes and looked more natural than I thought they’d be~ :D!

This is what they look like without eye makeup:


And this is with eyemakeup: 


Overall rating: 4/5

Hope you liked the review~~!

Special Thanks to: FashionEye.My (facebook:

Stay safe and take care! 

Janey xx


Ms Fynale Kiwi Green contact lenses review!!!

Hi everyone!!! So today was the second time I wore the Ms Fynale (Korean brand) Kiwi Green contacts in 14.5mm from the Kiwi series. These were kindly supplied by FashionEye and as usual, I’ll put her link below if you’re interested in purchasing these lenses. And yep~ IT REALLY DOES LOOK QUITE LIKE A KIWI FRUIT~_~

ImageWater content is 42% with a base curve of 8.6mm. I really quite liked the design. I thought it looked unique without being too crazy- as in overly cheesy in design and it also steered away from being overly simple. The black rim is really thick so it gives the dolly eye look- It’s not all that natural but you’d get away with wearing it everyday. (IMO) Being a 14.5mm, these were quite comfy for me. Not the most comfortable I’ve worn but it wasn’t annoying or irritating either.

Pros: Because of it’s thick black rim it gave a very nice enlarging effect~ I also wore these for about 9 hours and it didn’t feel really dry until 6 hours after… (really shouldn’t but i forgot to bring my lens case T^T). I really enjoyed the look of these lenses as mentioned above- and the dashes around the iris area really accentuate your iris~

Cons: I don’t really have any cons against these lenses except that it wasn’t all too vibrant on my dark brown eyes. The colour is quite visible in sunlight but turns to dark green when indoors. Though, that’s usually expected with having dark eyes~ If you have light blue or green eyes then well, these would look freaking awesome and bright on you!!! *so much love*~

So here’s a photo of the lenses and then of me wearing them along with E-heart lashes in Naturally~



I really quite like these lenses~ I might buy them again in different colours xD!!! Thankyou for reading with me up to here!!! xx

Take Care!

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Beuberry Natural Hazel 16mm Lens Review~

Harro everyone~ my eye is a better now so today I decided to rock these korean lenses: Beuberry in Natural Hazel 16mm. The lenses were kindly provided by FashionEye My and I will link you to her page below if you want to purchase!


As you can see, its 55% water content and 8.6 for base curve.

I probably have more cons than pros for these lenses. The main reason is because my eye slit/ face is actually really small. I kinda looked a little bit like “O_O” wearing these lenses because it left me with barely any eye white!!! So please keep those factors in mind. This review is only from my personal experience of these lens. I’ve read good reviews about these lenses but perhaps 16mm isn’t for me. I wish I could wear them all day long because they’re seriously pretty and natural >W<”

Pros: I really like the design and colour gradient of the lenses! It looks really natural and people don’t really notice that you’re wearing it. It also gives really good enlargement- and it makes you look really dolly and innocent too LOL. ❤ I really kinda liked the “O_O”-ness it gave me- unfortunately it dried up too fast for my liking. It’s pretty suitable for people with brown or black eyes but it would indeed look more unnatural on someone with blue or green eyes. These lenses would be perfect for the girl or guy who has a lot of eyewhite and want more coverage for those areas. – Or if you’re a cosplayer, and is looking for that massive dolly eye look. :)!

Cons: The lens felt a little bit thick for a 16mm. It was hard to get into my eye (well obviously because of its size) and it felt a tad dryer than most lenses i’ve used. But this has also been the same problem with other 16mm that i’ve tried. Due to the fact that my natural eye is about 14mm in diameter, I didn’t have all too much eyewhite to work with anyway >W< So these lenses made my eye dry up really fast and I had to take them out after about 4 hours.

So if you’re like me and don’t have all that much eyewhite to work with, 16mm for a all-day-out event is not for you. Stick with 14.5 or 15mm. But! If you’re a person with a large eye slit and much eyewhite then this does wonders for enlargement and its really pretty!!! xD I’d imagine the comfort level for you would be close to me wearing a geo Angel lens at 14.5mm. Fairly comfortable, but still will feel dry if you wear it for more than 6 hours~ So please keep your eyedrops! I really wish they made this in 15mm or 14.8!!!

Here below is a pic of the lenses followed by me wearing the lenses~



Would I wear it again? Yep. And I would wear them if I were to cosplay or be in a photoshoot~

Would I purchase it again? No because I’ll stay put with 15mm as my max~

Overall rating? 3.5/5 (including consideration for people with larger eye space. I still think 15mm is the most natural looking for everyone in general LOL)

You can visit FashionEye’s page if you would like to purchase cosmetic lenses!!!:

With love from HK!!!

Janey xx

Kpop- 2NE1 Park Bom Inspi. Eye Makeup tutorial!

Hello everyone! How’s it going? Today I bought a sweater which reminded me of korean pop culture… and naturally I was wondering what sort of look would look super awesome- wearable but also out there! So I quickly browsed through my stash of makeup photos and found 2Ne1’s eye makeup… and really liked Bom’s super liner.


I’ve tweaked the colour a bit for my look and went ahead with a Neon yellow to match my sweater :3 Below is the final look and in case you were wondering about my eyes later on and why they’re different colours, I edited the sauce out of the browns with a teal hahah~



So let’s get started~


1. As usual, start off with a nice’n’lovely clean face. Apply your moisturiser, primer, concealer and bb cream/ cc cream/ foundation. Make sure its slightly lighter than your skin colour…coz korean k-popstars have really pale skin! Today I used cc cream :] I’m still seeing if it will have any effect on my skin over the next few days so stay tuned for the review!

2. Prime the entire eyelids and under eye area!

3. Apply with a light hand, a matte white eye shadow over your entire lid.

4. Take a taupe and buff it into the hollows of your eye sockets and outer v. For people with a flat face shape like me or zero eye hollows this will really make a huge difference! It’ll define your eyes and give it more dimension! 


5. Moving on to the eyes, use a bit of scotch tape and tape it diagonally to how angled you want your super flick to be.

6. Start lining! First extend a gel liner with an angled brush to however long you want the liner to be.

7. From the tip of the liner, connect it with a straight line all the way down to your tearducts. Also~ Make a tip at your tearducts~ Remove the tape.

8. And line your whole water line~ then patch up the areas where you need to re-apply foundation etc.


9. Because I actually didn’t think my gel liner was dark enough I went over with a crayon liner and then sharpened the edges with a liquid liner. What to do from now, take a coloured liquid liner (and if you don’t have one, a coloured eye liner or any really pigmented eyeshadow will do) dab a fine line right below the liner!

10. So.. you’ll end up with a little something like this after completing both sides. Clean up any messy bits with a Q-tip and liquid liner.

11. Bom has really big double eyelids so for this look I had to make mine bigger as well using eye glue. You can use tape if you wish but… I prefer glue 🙂 works better for my eyes~ Create a ‘pod’ like shape with the glue and let it dry.

12. And create your double eyelids!


13. See the massive difference after the eyelid glue!??!?! KSJHDKH HUAHUAHAHAHAH. >: D

14. Almost done! Now, fill in your brows, curl lashes and mascara!

15. Contour and apply blush/ highlighting. *this is probably more important than the eyelids hahah. Contouring and highlighting make such a huge difference in doing your makeup. I’ve learnt to really make my flat nose look like a non-flat nose and to make my baby fat cheeks look a lot slimmer with this step :] Perhaps I should do a tutorial on that as well? Let me know!!! xD

16. Apply falsies and finish off with a baby pink lip! ❤




Doneee! LOL sorry for all the selfies… couldn’t help myself D: ily.

Now for the stuff i’ve used. *skipped the moisturiser and primer n stuff like that.



-Scotch tape, Hera CC cream in 01, Etude House face color corset in #5, Stila smudge stick waterproof eyeliner, Dollywink eyeliner in black, Gorgeous concealer in medium neutral, Pronance lipgloss in PK4, Duo eyelash adhesive, Eyebrow specialist eyebrow mascara in brown, Lime Crime uniliner in citreuse, Eyetalk eyelid glue, Lancome Hypnose mascara, Cyber Colors megacurl mascara, CandyDoll lipstick in 1C.


-Coastal scents Warm Palette with 88 eyeshadow colours, Gorgeous essential shades palette.


-Dollywink lashes in no.11, Tony Moly Shimmer Lover Cube in Pink Holic, It’s Skin power 10 formula in VC effector.


Hope you guys enjoyed the look! Take care!

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NEO Cosmo: Ruby Queen (Blue) circle lens review!

Yesterday I received these lovelies in the mail and after wearing them today I shall bring to you my thoughts etc. : ) I purchased them off and waited for about 2 weeks which is pretty normal for Australia.

Here’s what it looks like by itself:




Curve is 8.6. The lens are pretty floppy and adjustable so they’re quite comfy.

Diameter: 14.2. If you’re looking for super enlargement pretty lenses or lenses that fill up eye whites then these probably aren’t for you. Though if you just want subtle but detailed pretty lenses then by all means 😀 I don’t have a lot of eye white space so they’re perfect for me.

Life: The recommended is about 6-8 months. Which is what i recommend for circle lenses anyway. Any older start getting uncomfortable and could possibly be quite dirty for your pretty eyes! 

First Impression:

Wow so pretty! They look like diamonds (in the skyyy~ LOL jokes.)! The design is very cute, princessy and still looks fairly normal for everyday wear. Not too over the top but upon closer inspection you see the cute detail.


There has never been a 10/10 ones for me (I have pretty dry eyes when i’m heaps tired… and i’m always tired LOL) , especially with the Geo lenses- they’re a bit thicker. Suprisingly though, these ones are REALLY comfy. The lens is quite thin. It’s a little bit harder to put on because they’re a bit floppier than your usual soft lenses so be careful if you have long nails! Once you put them on you kind of forget that they’re there! 

I had them on for about 8 hours with about 4 hours of sleep and a twitchy eye. So you can imagine how tired my eyes were : ‘< But I wore them to look more presentable as a designer/mua for work today. They were quite comfy and didn’t dry up!!! Even after 8 hours they still felt pretty fresh. Therefore the verdict: 10/10!

Heres what it looks like on the eye. I have dark brown eyes… and below that me looking very very tired hahah~



Well, hope that helped you and your purchase decision! The model I worked on today said it looked really cool so, that’s a plus yeah!? C:

Hope you’d vote for me in the contest located in the link below and have a wonderful day!

Bold Candy Eye Liner~



HellooO! Well, this is my look of the day! It’s a simple look for those who are feeling a bit quirky and a bit adventurous. Totally wearable (i think)… hahahah
What I used on the eyes:
toofaced- shadow insurance
Ben Nye- Lumiere Grande Colour Palette
Lime Crime- Uniliner in Blue Milk
Due eyelash adhesive
Dollywink eyeliner
Dollywink falsies in no.7
Darkness Lashes

Anyway, the usual foundation or bb cream and everything else first.

For the Eyes:

1. Prime the eyes

2. Use a colored liquid eyeliner to line 1/3 of your eye. (Or a jumbo pencil for a softer look)

3. Use a contrasting eye shadow to fill 1/3 of your lower lash line

4. Use a highlighting color to line the inner half of the lower lash line

5. Line your eyes.

6. Curl lashes and mascara

7. Apply falsies!


Enjoy your day!

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Cosmetic Circle Lens Model comp!

Hellooo everyone! I did a toned down version of my Glossy ash metal makeup yesterday and had my friend Hayley Pease photograph it. I sent this into a competition that’s looking for bloggers to review their products and I’ve linked below for the albums for you guys to see if you’re interested. It’s an open competition. Now for the makeup, let me know what you think and let me know if you want to see the glossy and heavy version of it!!!

Ash Metal makeup.


If you would all be so kind in granting my shameless request><! Please click on the link below and like my photo!!! And much appreciated if you would pass it on to your friends!!! >< *its for circle lens and makeup blogging/ reviews- not full on modelling in case yous were wondering. But quite exciting! Here’s the link below~


Thank you so much for the support even though i’ve only just started this blog page. All the best to you all and enjoy your day! 

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Everyday Ulzzang Natural Makeup!


Ok omg i’m so sorry for the low res pics but i’m in a hurry and i’ve only got 10 minutes LOL! This is a step by step tutorial on an Ulzzang makeup I got inspired by reading one of ulzzang Pony’s tutorials. I’m not sure if you can get the book in english coz my friend lent it to me and it’s in chinese. But anyway…

Each frame is 1 step and let me know if i’m not clear enough! I’ll upload the description for the products i’ve used later.


1. Put on your fav lenses!

2. Use a base. Here i’m using a green cream base to even out my redness and dry skin.

3. Conceal your blemishes! for the eyebags, i like to fill out the hollows rather than cake-ing over the entire eyebags. It looks more natural this way and less cakey and it actually looks like you have less eyebags in the end! And blend it out with a concealer brush.

4. Continue on with your bb cream. Unfortunately i forgot to take a pic. But i blended it out with a beauty sponge for a better spread and it looks- once again more natural and less cakey. Less is more!


5. Set the face with your fav powder with a big fluffy brush- patting it over gently. Don’t rub it over your face coz its gonna damage your skin and make all that effort of putting on bb cream pointless.

6. Pat over your eyelids gently with a primer.

7. Now take the creamy white…


8. …and pat it all over your eyelids. It’ll make the pink stand out a little bit more.

9. Then take the pastel pink and pat that over the entire lid too! Bring this down to line your lower lash line!

10. Taking the dark choco colour with a fluffy brush, and buff that into your outer v and crease.


11. Take the yellow caramel and line the inner half of your lower lash line.

12. Line your eyes with your fav eye pencil! (I’m using an eye pencil coz it makes the look a lot softer. You may choose to use liquid or cream gels if you wish!)

13. So the look should look like this… at this stage…

15. Now curl n prep those eyelashes and add that mascara!


16. Fill in your brows.

17. And contour! cheek bones and don’t forget your nose! If you have a flat face like me, a little tip is to contour into the little socket right under the brows to give it more definition!


18. Take your fav blush~ and smother it over the apples of your cheeks ~_~

19. Conceal your lips.

20. Put on your fav lip gloss and you’re done! Muahhhhh~

Anyway i really gotta jet but yeah description for products will be posted when i’m home! Hope you had fun and all the best!

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