Sweet Pink themed nails~

Hiiii. The other day my friends came over and after doing some home cooking we painted our nails. LOL! My friend kindly helped me out and did some of the designs on my fingers because i’m so clumsy >W<.
We found some cupcake and candy nails and thought they were awesome and tried to do it ourselves with limited items…- toothpick as a dotting tool and just the brush from the bottle. My nails were getting pretty long so I had to cut them >< 


I think i’ll do more cupcakes next time… they look so yummy *_*!!!

Janey xx!!!


Polka dot nails and bear squishing!

Like any other day in the life of a shop-a-holic I had a quest to go out and not shop… and obviously, I failed. : <


I came across these dazzling bottles at a local asian cosmetics store and couldn’t resist. If there was something you needed to know about me is that I have really shaky hands which means that when it comes down to nail art- i’d get an epic fail. BUTTTTT hallelujah! This cute set of three came with a dotting tool for $18! You could probably get it for cheaper online or overseas but from where I live- by the time you sit around waiting and paying for shipping costs for 1 item just isn’t worth it.

So here we go, my first attempt at using a dotting tool. not too bad for a beginner aye?


I’d love to get some advice from you masters out there!

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Janey xx