Photography/Mua Update!!!

Hi! So finally I present to you all some fantastic photographic work I got to work on with, done recently by Hayley Pease.

Photography: Hayley Pease @

Model: Ana Karpoukhina

MUA/H: Myself



Hope you guys like the photos! 

Take Care and all the best xD

Janey xx



Flower fantasy makeup & IMP Box Photography

Hey guys! Cheers for uploading a bit of what i’ve been up to recently! I got to work on hair and makeup with my awesome buddy Jez @ IMP BOX Photography and one of my besties- Chiizu 🙂 

The look was suggested by Jez after reviewing some of Yoshitaka Amano’s artwork. One of my favs!!! His art style had heavily influenced my style of art back in the day when I was drawing~ There’s a film he drew called the Angel’s Egg. A beautiful and really enchanting piece of art.The photo below is what we used as a base image to work off the shoot from. (Not from Angel’s Egg)


Below is one of the many fantastic photos by Jez:


And following is one of my shots before the shoot.



Had a lot of fun doing the look. Its quite simple and oriental. Hope you enjoyed the little snippits!~

Take care!!

Janey xx

High Street- fashion shoot

How was your Easter!? Mine was really epic! I thought that today I would share with you some interesting images from a shoot I did with my friends just before the Easter holidays!

Here’s a mashup between high fashion couture and street wear. Pretty cool don’t you think : D?

Model Laura Ballin wears a mash up of Alex Sims, Ella Drayson and Diyana Kossi with other branded street wear styled by Cameron Taylor and the aforementioned. Photography by Hayley Pease and Mua/hair by Jane Chiu (me) : ]!


Hope you liked these! So theres an idea for next time you wanna tone down your outfit and add a bit of spunk but keepin it classy!

All the best!

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Janey xx



I finally had a good few hours or so to edit these babies!!! Hope you enjoy these photos! xx

Photography/Mua/H: Jane Chiu (me)

Assistants: Steve Vuong, Alan Z.

Model: Nona Wang


Let me know what you think!!!

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Janey xx

Photoshoot: De Rose of Día de los Muertos @ Cockatoo Island!!!

Wow. So many things have happened in the past 48 hours I just had NO TIME at all to blog! But i love blogging and even though there’s still a lot of work to be put behind the things i’m doing I’ll be sure to reveal to you all~ shoots, makeup, reviews and life adventures. 

I hope you have all seen my De Rose of Día de los Muertos makeup tutorials in one of my previous blog posts because this is what it’s about. Today I headed over to Cockatoo Island with my crew to take some shots of a friend of mine who requested the look. It was a long hot and humid day. Yuck. And one of my flash guns weren’t working either so we had to make do… being frustrated, sweaty, annoyed, lost… but then most photoshoots are like that. HAHAHAHAH.

Anyway, meet my team of the day!


So we’ve got my assistants Steve- videographer/cinematographer/health freak, Alan- graphic designer and Nona the model of the day. Fun times, good times, seriously tiring times. 

Unfortunately i’ve only mustered enough energy to edit one photo. Here’s a sneak peak of one of the shots!


MUA/Hair/Photography by Me 🙂

Anyway I am SO tired. You can totally tell from the photo below. Barely any makeup, eyebags and scruffy ol’t-shirt. I’m about to knock out hehe. Hope you all had a most fabulous day!



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