Sushi Nails!

It’s been like FOREVER!!! But thank God my assessments are finally over for now. My friend Chiizu sent me her idea of some sushi nails… so here’s my attempt :3 



I’ve added a few extras as well~ So in the left pic, its egg roll, king fish, tuna, salmon and rice. On the right pic starting from the pinky is scallop, salmon, kingfish, crab stick and then wasabi :3 Had so much fun doing these… actually probably my fav so far!!! Now i’ll go eat my fingers… hahaha take care! ❤

xx Juju


Black & Gold melty nails!

Disclaimer~ I’m not really good with nail stuff but i’ve been playing around with it a bit lately :]!

Lately i’ve had some weird obsession with black and some other bright colour (namely yellow) contrast and since I did a look inspired by Park Bom, why not do my nails as well!?

Here’s what happened at around 3am in the morning…sitting in front of my computer…




I donno…. the colours look really nice- though I would’ve preferred it more if the gold looked more melty… hahahah 

The nail polish I use over and over again is actually the gold one i’ve used by Castledew. SOooooooooOOo pretty and heaps build-able.



It’s been a really long day for me so I hope you all have been well! Enjoy!xx

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Janey xx