An amazing opportunity to do makeup @ EMG!

Although it has been just a call-in once off thing, I went all excited and freaked out at the same time when I had an opportunity to do makeup for the rising model Marnie Harris and not to mention alongside with an amazingly talented team: Photographer Sam Hendel and Emma Read that was put together by Simone from Emg!!! A whole week later i’m still not sure how to go about writing this blog post since the photographs have been out because I still lack a lot of experience in doing on the go jobs. I promise you though, I will only keep trying harder and harder!

Regardless, below are some of the images. Please remember that Sam Hendel has full photographic rights to these images!




Well, that’s it for now! I am so grateful and thankful for this opportunity. Perhaps someday I too can be fully legit in doing makeup for models and such? Only way to find out is to work harder and sprint on towards the goal! Enjoy life, and take care!

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Janey xx