Ice Queen- competition trial makeup!

Hi everyone! Wow it’s been a crazy day… woke up at the crack of dawn to do photographic work… and then went to this “thing”, came home more photographic work, went out with a friend, came back, more photographic work then worked over a new look!!! If you’ve got any miracle products that help with eyebags please suggest!!! I would sleep but because of work load unfortunately I only get a few measly hours of sleep a day. :”[ 

Anyway so here’s a new look i’ve spent a couple of days thinking about. It’s for a competition that’s giving away cosmetic contact lenses for people to review and other beauty products. This is only a trial version and I know I need some lower lashes to balance it out. Let me know what you think in the comments below!!! ❤ If you’ve got tips please give me a heads up also! I took the photos on my phone because I’m going to have a photoshoot for the look in a few days.



Face shots:




Well thankyou for all your support!!! Take Care ❤

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Raymond Meier- Constance Jablonski Inspired makeup with kpop liner!!!

Hey everyone! Sorry I didn’t around to blogging yesterday! I’m really busy these days but nevertheless, a tutorial today! I thought it was a bit fun and interesting to do…heheheh~ so here it is!


Well, I dolled up the look with a bit of kpop liner. It’s a surprisingly simple look~


1. What you need is to make a paper cut out of a star! *snipsnipsnip

2. Then apply serum, primer, concealer and today I mixed my foundation by Gorgeous with my Hera CC cream for a flawless and glowy face.

3. Apply a turquoise green all over your eyelids followed by a lighter shimmery pastel green.

4. Apply the pastel green into the area between your nose bridge, inner half of the lower lashline and tear ducts! (Not just the tear ducts!)

5. Take a brown pencil liner, line your upper water line and the outer 1/3 of the bottom lashline. This will be the guide to your kpop liner! make sure you don’t turn this eyeliner into a winged liner! SImply follow the curvature of your eyelid and drag the line downwards not upwards so you can create a straight line across for your bottom liner.

6. Take a taupe or soft brown and blend over it.


7. Now take a gel liner and line your eyes, following the shape you have just created! This will be the base for your liquid liner.

8. Clean the look with a liquid liner over the gel liner. With the bottom, start from the outer half and draw straight across to connect with the end of the wing from the top liner.

9. Apply mascara, do your brows. Contour and go nuts with the highlighting ❤


Now the fun part!

1o. Take that cut out you made earlier! Place it onto your face and apply shadow over the shape to make the stars shine on your face!!!

11. Apply a baby pink lipgloss and wuhluh!


All the best!
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Kpop- 2NE1 Park Bom Inspi. Eye Makeup tutorial!

Hello everyone! How’s it going? Today I bought a sweater which reminded me of korean pop culture… and naturally I was wondering what sort of look would look super awesome- wearable but also out there! So I quickly browsed through my stash of makeup photos and found 2Ne1’s eye makeup… and really liked Bom’s super liner.


I’ve tweaked the colour a bit for my look and went ahead with a Neon yellow to match my sweater :3 Below is the final look and in case you were wondering about my eyes later on and why they’re different colours, I edited the sauce out of the browns with a teal hahah~



So let’s get started~


1. As usual, start off with a nice’n’lovely clean face. Apply your moisturiser, primer, concealer and bb cream/ cc cream/ foundation. Make sure its slightly lighter than your skin colour…coz korean k-popstars have really pale skin! Today I used cc cream :] I’m still seeing if it will have any effect on my skin over the next few days so stay tuned for the review!

2. Prime the entire eyelids and under eye area!

3. Apply with a light hand, a matte white eye shadow over your entire lid.

4. Take a taupe and buff it into the hollows of your eye sockets and outer v. For people with a flat face shape like me or zero eye hollows this will really make a huge difference! It’ll define your eyes and give it more dimension! 


5. Moving on to the eyes, use a bit of scotch tape and tape it diagonally to how angled you want your super flick to be.

6. Start lining! First extend a gel liner with an angled brush to however long you want the liner to be.

7. From the tip of the liner, connect it with a straight line all the way down to your tearducts. Also~ Make a tip at your tearducts~ Remove the tape.

8. And line your whole water line~ then patch up the areas where you need to re-apply foundation etc.


9. Because I actually didn’t think my gel liner was dark enough I went over with a crayon liner and then sharpened the edges with a liquid liner. What to do from now, take a coloured liquid liner (and if you don’t have one, a coloured eye liner or any really pigmented eyeshadow will do) dab a fine line right below the liner!

10. So.. you’ll end up with a little something like this after completing both sides. Clean up any messy bits with a Q-tip and liquid liner.

11. Bom has really big double eyelids so for this look I had to make mine bigger as well using eye glue. You can use tape if you wish but… I prefer glue 🙂 works better for my eyes~ Create a ‘pod’ like shape with the glue and let it dry.

12. And create your double eyelids!


13. See the massive difference after the eyelid glue!??!?! KSJHDKH HUAHUAHAHAHAH. >: D

14. Almost done! Now, fill in your brows, curl lashes and mascara!

15. Contour and apply blush/ highlighting. *this is probably more important than the eyelids hahah. Contouring and highlighting make such a huge difference in doing your makeup. I’ve learnt to really make my flat nose look like a non-flat nose and to make my baby fat cheeks look a lot slimmer with this step :] Perhaps I should do a tutorial on that as well? Let me know!!! xD

16. Apply falsies and finish off with a baby pink lip! ❤




Doneee! LOL sorry for all the selfies… couldn’t help myself D: ily.

Now for the stuff i’ve used. *skipped the moisturiser and primer n stuff like that.



-Scotch tape, Hera CC cream in 01, Etude House face color corset in #5, Stila smudge stick waterproof eyeliner, Dollywink eyeliner in black, Gorgeous concealer in medium neutral, Pronance lipgloss in PK4, Duo eyelash adhesive, Eyebrow specialist eyebrow mascara in brown, Lime Crime uniliner in citreuse, Eyetalk eyelid glue, Lancome Hypnose mascara, Cyber Colors megacurl mascara, CandyDoll lipstick in 1C.


-Coastal scents Warm Palette with 88 eyeshadow colours, Gorgeous essential shades palette.


-Dollywink lashes in no.11, Tony Moly Shimmer Lover Cube in Pink Holic, It’s Skin power 10 formula in VC effector.


Hope you guys enjoyed the look! Take care!

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Human Trafficking/Sex Slavery- What’s with that girl?



Human Trafficking and Sexual Abuse. -A short insight.Image


You know it always amazes me how the red light districts are so popular. Everything to do with sex is popular. It’s become pretty much the overarching or is pretty much the obviously hinted thing imbedded into our daily conversations- our jokes, music, art, bgrs (boy-girl relationships), motivations etc. I’m not aiming to fare war with gender related things but what I do feel very deeply for is the thing about human trafficking. I don’t claim to be an expert and I have no right to be a voice or anything. I’m sharing with you what I find simply shocking, gross and pretty unhappy about. The photograph above is a produced image of photographs that I did for part of my university degree in which was itched out from this issue.

What is Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking involves both males and females as victims. Predominantly women and children. It’s pretty much slavery in its worst form possible known to mankind. It is, a human inflicted crime against humanity- and involves fishy recruitment, fraud, debt-taking, kidnapping, transporting people into commercial sex or sex slavery. 

“Slavery is still alive and well in our contemporary society.”

– Exodus Cry

What typically happens is that once the women and children are sold into, or somehow get themselves wound up in these situations, they’re forced to stay at these havens/ houses where they get mentally and physically broken beyond repair. The victims would be locked up, get given heavy doses of drugs to the point where they could be just barely sane. They would then be given away to the pimps at the house, “and made to perform humiliating sexual acts on up to 40 strangers every night.” (Nefarious Synopsis) This would be repeated for a while until they give up hope in trying to escape. These broken people would then be ready to go on the market to rake in the money for their pimps… and higher ups.

Many of these people you see on the streets at night smiling at you in skimpy clothing and cheap makeup are the majority of prostitutes that we know of. Would you please consider looking at them with a different eye now? It’s not that they have a choice. Even if they had a choice, there’s nothing for them to hold on to anymore. So please please, consider again if you wish to buy sex. Don’t let your down there of little chemical reactions govern over what’s right or wrong. We all know better than this. Consider again if you’re going to think a headful of scornful thoughts about those who are smiling on the outside and crying on the inside.

What runs through your head eventually reveals in what you do and how you act. How you act starts a chain reaction in other people. Change in the world starts from changing how you think.

Below are some statistics that I found from The group Exodus Cry, has created a very moving documentary film about human trafficking. The reality of it all is too much for writing in blogs, tears in tissues, pain for the heart. They interview real people from real experiences- both victims and people who were ex-pimps. I do highly recommend giving it a thorough look into for a more enriched understanding.

“❖ On June 1, 2012, the International Labor Organization released its 2nd global estimate of forced labor (slavery) and trafficking in persons. The estimate is 20.9 million victims. The 2012 United States Trafficking in Persons Report used this estimate as the new global estimate of trafficking in persons.


❖ A conservative estimate of the number of victims of sexual slavery/sex trafficking globally is 4,500,000 (International Labor Organization, 2012)


❖ 98% of all victims of sexual slavery/sex trafficking worldwide are women and girls (International Labor Organization, 2012)


❖ Sexual exploitation makes up 79% of identified forms of international cross border human trafficking, including prostitution, forced stripping, massage services, and pornography. (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking, 2009)


❖ Approximately 600,000 to 800,000 human trafficking victims are trafficked across international borders worldwide every year. (U.S. State Department, Trafficking in Persons Report, 2011)


❖ After drug trafficking, trafficking in humans ties with the illegal arms industry as the second largest criminal industry in the world today. It is the fastest growing criminal industry. (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2011)


❖ Most sex trafficking is regional or national and is perpetrated by traffickers who are the same nationality as their victims. (United Nations, Global Report on Trafficking in Persons, 2009)


❖ As many as 2 million children are subjected to prostitution in the global commercial sex trade. (U.S. State Department, Trafficking in Persons Report, 2011)


❖ At least 15,000 people are trafficking into the United States annually. (U.S. State Department, Trafficking in Persons Report, 2010)


❖ Estimates suggest as many as 300,000 children annually are at risk of commercial sexual exploitation. (Richard Estes and Neil Weiner for University of Pennsylvania, 2001)


❖ The average age of entry into prostitution in the United States is 13- to 14-years-old. (Sara Ann Friedman for ECPAT-USA, “Who Is There to Help Us?,” 2005)


❖ Nationwide there are fewer than thirty safe homes for victims of sex trafficking to receive treatment and services. This severe shortage regularly causes their inappropriate placement in juvenile detention facilities. (Streetlight Tuscon, 2012)”


– Exodus Cry


This is the harsh reality. This is what lie’s within today’s society. This is what a lot of people are pouring their wallets into. This is ripping lives. This is ripping humanity to the core. Identities stripped, unwanted submission, forced sex, broken families, black mailed for life… an endless nightmare that will exist forever in the minds of the victims.

So I extend my question to you. What will you do?

Will you start changing the way you think? Will you start changing what you feed your mind with? Please remember that what you fill your mind with is what will govern your thoughts. Feed your mind with things that let you appreciate people and you will know how to appreciate. Feed your mind with sex. Then all you will think about is sex.

Thank you for reading up until this point. Thank you.

May you have a good day and cherish the luxury and time you have right now that you were able to read this entry without being forced to. Cherish those around you who have made you grow so well. Cherish the moments of your past and the present that you were able to do whatever you’ve wished to. Be thankful for everything has been for a good purpose for you and for what it has made you to be today. 

Lots of love. Janey xx