Nana Suzuki’s Inspired pinky look!

Hellooo everyone~ today i’ve been inspired by Nana Suzuki’s pink shadows and decided to replicate it coz it was kind of cute~ Yes i’m still in my stage of loving bright colours. So here’s the look:


Yyayy let’s start:~


1. Prime, conceal, and apply your bb cream/ cc cream/ foundation! Then prime your eyelids!

2. Apply a light purple all over your lids. (the circled area)

3. Now take a pink and blend it into your crease!

4. Take a shimmery white and blend it into your brow bone for highlighting. Also apply this on your inner corners.


5. Bring the shimmery white and pat it across the inner half of your lower lash line.

6. Take a really bright pink and line it across the other half of your lash line and wing it out.

7. Line your eyes! Don’t forget the waterlines! Apply mascara

8. Apply your falsies and fill in your brows~

9. Contour, blush and highlight!!!

and you’re done!! YayyY~

(An optional step is to enlarge your eyelids by using eyelid glue or tape. It makes a dramatic difference to your eyes and makes the look more wearable~)



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Everyday Ulzzang Natural Makeup!


Ok omg i’m so sorry for the low res pics but i’m in a hurry and i’ve only got 10 minutes LOL! This is a step by step tutorial on an Ulzzang makeup I got inspired by reading one of ulzzang Pony’s tutorials. I’m not sure if you can get the book in english coz my friend lent it to me and it’s in chinese. But anyway…

Each frame is 1 step and let me know if i’m not clear enough! I’ll upload the description for the products i’ve used later.


1. Put on your fav lenses!

2. Use a base. Here i’m using a green cream base to even out my redness and dry skin.

3. Conceal your blemishes! for the eyebags, i like to fill out the hollows rather than cake-ing over the entire eyebags. It looks more natural this way and less cakey and it actually looks like you have less eyebags in the end! And blend it out with a concealer brush.

4. Continue on with your bb cream. Unfortunately i forgot to take a pic. But i blended it out with a beauty sponge for a better spread and it looks- once again more natural and less cakey. Less is more!


5. Set the face with your fav powder with a big fluffy brush- patting it over gently. Don’t rub it over your face coz its gonna damage your skin and make all that effort of putting on bb cream pointless.

6. Pat over your eyelids gently with a primer.

7. Now take the creamy white…


8. …and pat it all over your eyelids. It’ll make the pink stand out a little bit more.

9. Then take the pastel pink and pat that over the entire lid too! Bring this down to line your lower lash line!

10. Taking the dark choco colour with a fluffy brush, and buff that into your outer v and crease.


11. Take the yellow caramel and line the inner half of your lower lash line.

12. Line your eyes with your fav eye pencil! (I’m using an eye pencil coz it makes the look a lot softer. You may choose to use liquid or cream gels if you wish!)

13. So the look should look like this… at this stage…

15. Now curl n prep those eyelashes and add that mascara!


16. Fill in your brows.

17. And contour! cheek bones and don’t forget your nose! If you have a flat face like me, a little tip is to contour into the little socket right under the brows to give it more definition!


18. Take your fav blush~ and smother it over the apples of your cheeks ~_~

19. Conceal your lips.

20. Put on your fav lip gloss and you’re done! Muahhhhh~

Anyway i really gotta jet but yeah description for products will be posted when i’m home! Hope you had fun and all the best!

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