Dolly Wink 03 Country Retro Eyeshadow Palette by Tsubasa Masukawa Review!!!

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Today i’m going to do the long awaited review on Tsubasa Masukawa’s Country Retro palette. I got this palette from My FashionEye <3!!! This one isn’t as popular as the other Dolly Wink palettes out on the market- probably because of the colour and because it seems a little hard to wear? But I think its cute, fun and funky!


WELL NOPE. I’m going to show you 3 other alternative ways to wear these colours! (There’s a lot more but you can use these examples as guidelines for your creativity ^^!) First thing you need to note is that the colours on this palette involves orange and blue as the theme which means that you’re going for an awesome colour crash. Reason 1: they’re on opposite sides of the colour wheel. Reason 2: the colours are both warm and cool. This means anyone can wear it you’ll just have to adjust the colour matching and placement to what suits you. Tsubasa shows off her combo of the colours on the package and this look atypically matches someone with a more neutral skin tone- but I don’t think that would stop anyone wearing any colour >: P So the below two images are the packaging and steps to get Tsubasa’s look.


And this is me… with the look 🙂 



Ok so now i’m going to show you the other looks I came up with. (+tips on how to apply it properly) :D! OH and i do really aplogize with the inconsistency of the photo colours >< I was in a massive rush ><

Look 1: Day look

Especially suited for: Hooded eyes, monolids, Deep set eyes, Wide set eyes (Just don’t highlight the corner of your eyes)


1. Apply primer all over the lid and up to the brow-bone.

2. Apply a wash of orange all over the mobile lid and into the crease. (If you have a hooded eye or thick lids you want to bring this colour up past your double eyelid into the crease so that you can actually see the colour when you open the eye. Defeats the purpose if you can’t right ^~^?)

3. From the brow-bone, bring down the highlighting colour to the orange and blend nicely. Also pop this in the inner corners of the eyes.

4. Line the top lashline with the dark blue and bring it up a little higher than where you would put your eyeliner. Line the outer 1/3 of your bottom lashline with the light blue.

5. Line your eyes.

6. Curl and mascara~

Look 2: Clashing Blue Crease

Especially suited for: Hooded eyes, Protruding eyes, Close set eyes, No visible eye socket


1. Prime your eyes

2. Apply an all over wash of orange over the lid working from the outside to the inside.

3. Follow the imaginary diagonal line from your eyebrow to the side of your nose. Apply the dark blue from the outer 1/3 of the lashline and work it into your eye socket (working from the outside towards the inside) creating a soft off shaped “c”.

4. Pop a little bit of the light blue between the orange and dark blue to help the colours blend. Re-apply some orange to the centre for a pop of colour.

5. Bring some of the dark blue down the outer 1/2 of the bottom lashline. Then apply the highlighting colour to the brow bone.

6. Cat line, curl and mascara.

Look 3:  Retro Blue Smokey.

Especially suited for: Hooded eyes, Protruding eyes, close set eyes.


1. Prime and apply a wash of the light blue up past the crease area.

2. Apply the dark blue to the outer V and enhance the depth of the eye socket by bringing some of the darkness towards the centre.

3. Highlight the brow bone.

4. Apply the orange all the way across the bottom lashline.

5. Line the eyes.

6. Curl and mascara.


Lipstick: I’d suggest keeping it along the lines of coral, oranges and nudes. Unless ur really out there, go for a blue LOL!!! So…  Here’s what I ended up doing for a bit of fun….


So as you can see, this palette is really fun!!! My only peeve about it is that it’s not pigmented enough. Hence, I always always ALWAYS recommend using a really good primer over the lid and you’ll have to apply a couple of good pats to really get the colour vibrant enough for your looks. Other than that, great colour combo, looks cute and extremely convenient to take around!!! So overall I’ll give it about a 7/10. ❤

Well, that’s all from me today!!! Hope you enjoyed the looks and let me know if you try it out!!! 😀

Take care and keep creative!!!

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Light Strawberry Cheesecake Makeup!!! [Photo Heavy]

Hi! It’s been a while sine i’ve last posted up a makeup look tutorial. I apologise as I’ve been extremely busy. So in advance I’ll perhaps just limit myself to two posts a week. ><!!! I’ll also be going away overseas for a while but I’ll keep you all updated as much as I possibly can and let you in on awesome products from overseas!

Here’s a look that I did last week and finally got around to doing all the editing just now! Hope you enjoy this cute look! It’s extremely wearable and reminds me of a strawberry cheesecake. 🙂



Pic 1: Smashbox Photo Finish foundation primer, Hera CC cream in 01, It’s Skin VC Effector, Gorgeous Camouflage Cover Creme, Lioele Secret Pore HD Powder

Pic 2: Gorgeous Essential Shades Palette, DUO eyelash adhesive, Dollywink liquid liner, Lancome mascara in Hypnose, Maybelline Hyper Diamonds palette in BR-1, Jill Stuart palette in 09 mandarin citrine, (also MAC lash curler)

Pic 3: Tony Moly Shimmer Lover Cube in 02 Brown, Etude House Tight Shading Corset in #05, MAC blush in Supernova, Toofaced shadow insurance, Candy Doll lipstick in 1C, MAC cremesheen glass in richer lusher.

 Let’s get started!\(^~^\)~


1. Apply primer, concealer and CC cream/BB cream/ foundation

2. Set the face with a powder.

2. Prime your eyes~



4. Take the lightest creamy yellow colour and pat this all over the lid with a flat shader brush. 

5. Then take a pink shadow and pat this on the outer half of your lids.


 6. Take an angled fluffy brush (or a domed fluffy brush that suits the size of your eyeshape) and buff and blend out the harsh edges. Bring the colour down to the outer third of the lower lashline.

7. Using a small flat rounded brush, dip it into the gold from the Maybelline palette and apply this on your lower lashline.

8. Use the white from the Jill Stuart palette and apply it as a highlighter to your brow bone and the area between your nose bridge and tear ducts.



9. With a pushliner, line the upper lash line with a dark brown shadow. You can also fill in your brows with this colour~

10. Complete the liner with a gel liner followed by a thin line of liquid liner as close to the lashline as possible!!

11. Curl and apply mascara ❤

12. Apply the falsies if you wish!


13. As my usual, taking the bottom three colours of the shimmer cube, I apply it as contour to my cheek bones, jaw line and the outer areas of my face.

14. Then taking the white, I use it as a highlighter to the chin, cupid’s bow, c-zones and t-zone. ❤ 

15. Blush and contour the sides of the nose.

16. Apply a cute baby pink lipstick.


17. Finish the look with a bit of lip gloss~ !

Yayyy ^~^v


Well ok. I’ll stop posing now. yuck. LOL!.

Hope you all like this look! Take care!

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