Watch out for Diyana Kosso’s elaborate collection @ Fashion Week!!!

As most of you gurus would know, that fashion week in Sydney is JUST around the corner. 55 Days left until the big week. Today I’ve had the privilege to work on makeup and hair with the amazing designer Miss Diyana Kosso, photographer Hayley Pease and model Bethan Arthur.

So look out for the amazing and elegant collection of beautiful white cloths!!! Pamplets will be handed out so make sure you grab one while you’re there!

Here’s a sneak peak on behind the scenes in the studio taken with my phone… yes my phone lol. But no worries photos will be up soon so be anticipating for the team’s amazing effort and work!




Amazing right!?

So please checkout our work!!!

Hayley: &

& Myself (Jane):  &

Also just another announcement, today’s the last day for voting @ FashionEye contest! So if you’d like to, please click on the link below and vote for my photograph by clicking the like button! Much appreciated~ ❤ [Photography by Hayls]

Stay tuned, have fun and all the best!

Janey xx