Baby Color- Candy Rainbow Brown lens review!

Can finally post after grudging through college assignments. ANYWAY- the long awaited review on these BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL LENS!!! ARHKJLEHKGH I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! ❤ I got mine from Fashion Eye :)! 

This is the description: 

Diameter: 14.50mm
Enlargement: 19.8mm
Water content: 40%
Disposal: 1 year
Prescription: 0.00 to -8.00


The Candy Rainbow Brown lens by Baby Color is really gorgeous. Strikingly golden brown with splints of black design and a small black ring really make it unique. They accentuate really well on pretty much anyone- legit. Though the brown-gold tones will most definitely vary depending on what eye colour you are.

This is what they look like in the lens case:


top: no flash / bottom: with flash


I love the colour and how it turns out! Its pretty much exactly how I wanted them to be. I expected that they’d be a lot darker as per say to what would usually happen when you get other lenses- but these ones are pretty close to the Ad picture. The small black rim around the lens is also a nice touch. It’s unique design allows the lens to be appropriate for both natural and heavy makeups. A lot of lenses have the thick one and they may come on too artificial for daily makeup looks- but will look great with heavier makeup looks with lashes and all. They really make the eye interesting and are really thin to wear so its not uncomfortable. The colour really pops out but not to too intense a degree so its suitable for day-to-night looks~~


-I really don’t have any negativities on these ones. Perhaps – maybe its just me, I find these lens a bit irritating after about 6 hours. And vision gets a little blurry after that…….. but that usually happens when the lens starts feeling uncomfortable for any lens anyway…*yeah that’s all! LOL!

So overall rating I would rate them 4/5!!! I would love to try the other colours- Candy Rainbow Blue, pink and gray as well!!! ~_~v

Below are some shots on how they look like. (Top: with flash. Bottom: without flash)



I used these lenses for my Akane from Psycho-pass cosplay tooo! Turned out so well!





So what do you think :O!? Like/ Not like? 😛

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Hope you enjoyed this little rant!

Hf and take care xx.



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Hi everyone! Today I’m going to link below the youtube vids i’ve been working on!!! The first is a lens review on the Summer Doll Grey:

And the next is the makeup I’ve paired it with! :

If you would like to purchase these lenses or other lenses, you can use the discount code to the shop i’ve linked in the description box below!!!

Enjoy and hope you like it!!!

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The Dolly Eye: Icy Melon (Honey Brown) Lens review!!!

I’ve been really loving these lenses. At first when I looked at the design it kind of freaked me out because it didn’t seem so natural in photographs- and the colour… well the colour seemed a bit odd. But after some thinking and then mustering up the courage to get them it was all well worth it. I really love these lenses! They’re comfy and makes you look like a dreamy doll~ LOL.

This is what they look like in the case.


The lenses are from The Dolly Eye’s Icy Melon series. They come in pink, violet, green, blue, honey brown and grey. 14.8mm in diameter and 38% water content.

Pros: It’s simple, It’s odd because its so different from other lenses but makes your eyes look dreamy. If you have brown eyes, the honey brown makes your eyes look like its gradating in colour which looks quite pretty~ It draws more attention to your real iris rather than the lens itself. Perfect for a wintry princess sort of look. The colour opacity is quite strong so there’s no need to be afraid of it not showing. (For those who are worried if the colour doesn’t show up for cosplay or other purposes). The regular diameter of the lenses and its simple design make them really comfortable to wear. I tend to find lenses with a lot more design a lot thicker and irritating to wear >W<!

Cons: If you pick a colour that contrasts with your eye colour then i’m afraid it’ll look quite unnatural and probably even pretty bad. I think this lens look best if you try and match it with your real eye colour or if not- you’ll really have to match it with a makeup look or else it’ll look weird. Another thing you want to keep in mind is whether or not how big your real pupil is. Because the design is only on the outer edges of the lens and fades in, if you have really small pupils then some eyewhite might show before the design reaches your pupils :L!!!

Other than that there’s not much that i didn’t like about these lens!!! The right colour can really bring out the original colour of your eyes and looked more natural than I thought they’d be~ :D!

This is what they look like without eye makeup:


And this is with eyemakeup: 


Overall rating: 4/5

Hope you liked the review~~!

Special Thanks to: FashionEye.My (facebook:

Stay safe and take care! 

Janey xx

Dramatic liner makeup tutorial! <3 [Photo Heavy]

Hello hello!!! How are we all?! I put on my purple contacts today and I was a bit frustrated as to what makeup and what interesting look I can wear with it since purple doesn’t go with every colour… Something like that. This look turned out okay and it was a bit impromptu so I hope you guys will still enjoy and like it ^~^!

Let’s Go!

Brushes used:




Face Products: Tony Moly Shimmer Cubes in Brown and Pink Holic, Holika Holika Aqua Jelly BB cream, Palgantong Makeup powder in original beige, Mac blush in supernova, Etude House Shading Corset in #5, Maybelline lipstick in 303, TooFaced shadow insurance, Clio diamond rose HD base.


EyeShadows: Gorgeous Essential Shades Palette, Kate palette in PU-1, Maybelline hyper diamonds palette in BU-1.



Other products: Mac lash curler, Lancome mascara in Hypnose, Majolica Majorca jewelling pencil in WT909, Dollywink liquid liner, Stila eyeliner in Stingray, <oops put the shadow insurance there again haha>, DUO eyelash adhesive.




1. Apply base, BB cream and powder. You can add concealer to conceal any blemishes if need be 🙂

2. Apply the eye primer all over the lid and around the eyes as demonstrated by the guide lines.

3. Pick up the light purple with a flat shading brush.



4. Pop the light purple all over the lid.

5. Take the darker purple and pat this into the smaller area as shown in the guides.

5. Then get some dark purple with a fluffy blendy brush.



6. Pat this into your outer V and slowly blend outwards as shown above.

7. Use as smaller rounded tip shading brush and pick up the blue-ish colour.

8. Sweep it across the undereye.

9. Using the same brush, pick up the darker blue.


 10. Blend the colour into the outer 1/3 of the bottom lashline and bring the colour up to the upper outer 1/3 of the eye.

11. Pick up some more of the light purple and use it as a highlighter to your browbone 😀


 12. Use a bullet head brush and pick up the shimmery white to highlight the inner corners of your eyes.

13. Take a pushliner to pick up a matte black to line your upper waterline.



14. Using a creamy eyeliner, line your waterline. Don’t line out!

15. Now take a clean angled liner brush and drag out some of the cream liner to create a guide for your massive wing.


 16. Take a white pencil liner and mark out the bottom liner design : )

17. Line your lower waterline while you’ve got the pencil in your hand haha.

18. Finalise the eyeliner with a liquid liner. Line your top eyes and the lower lashline design. The lower part might be a bit tricky so have a Q-tip/ cotton bud ready at hand in case you make a mistake!


19. Take a brow brush or brow pencil or whatever you’ve got and fill in your brows!

20. Curl your lashes~


21. Apply mascara.

22. I took the bottom 3 shades of the Brown shimmer cube and used this to contour like shown.


23. Apply your favourite blush! [Tip: for asians, using a rose coloured blusher looks really good with our skintone. It may look dark at first but it really won’t come out like as so! I used to be scared to use such a deep colour but using even just a small amount really makes a big difference. Much more than a baby pink ~~]

24. I highlighted my T-zone, C-zone and nose with the lightest colours on the Pink Holic shimmer cube.

25. And contoured my nose as shown on the photograph.



26. Put on your fav falsies and wig (if you need to)

27. And finish off with a light pink lipstick! ❤



Heres the look in final res. I did play around with the colors slightly on photoshop so the purple.. doesn’t really look purple, but I suppose the look could go with other colours too 😀


Hope you had fun reading/ doing this look :D!

❤ Janey xx

Yohio’s (Jrock) Makeup Tutorial! [Photo Heavy]

Hi everyone! I’m back with a makeup look similar to that of Yohio’s. He’s a young and beautiful swedish singer who’s music is heavily influenced by Japanese culture. ❤ I’m not even kidding about how beautiful he is! Here’s a pic:


His style might not be very conventional but he’s really quite an interesting person. I really liked his makeup (not the one in the photo but another will be shown in below) so i decided to copy it ish.


Looks fun? Let’s go!!

Products used~


These are the brushes I’ve used. Now you don’t have to have the exact same ones, just anything similar in size or diameter will do : )! The tutorial below will show you when I use them. xx (I forgot to add the spoolie ><)


Face Products: Gorgeous Base Perfect Liquid Foundation, Hera CC Cream in 01, Gorgeous Camouflage cover cream (concealer), Etude House Tight Shading Corset in #5, Tony Moly Shimmer Lover Cube in Brown and Pink Holic. Ahhh >< I forgot to add in my Smashbox face primer and Escada pink lipstick… sigh forgive me…


 Eye Shadows: Gorgeous Essential Shades Palette, Maybelline Eye Color Pallet in BU-1, Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow in Black Magic


Other Eye Products: Glameyes advant-garde crystal face jewels, Lancome mascara in Hypnose, DUO eyelash adhesive, Brow Specialist eyebrow mascara, Dollywink liquid liner, Shu Uemura eyebrow pencil in Hard 09, Stila smudgestick waterproof eyeliner in Stingray, MAC lash curler. I also forget to put my TooFaced Shadow Insurance eye primer and gluestick in ><



1. Apply your moisturiser and what not.

2. Use a spoolie and groom your brows in shape, following the directional lines in the pic on the bottom left.

3. Get some glue onto your fingers and secure the brows in place. We want to create those pointy brows xD.



4. After the brows dry, apply the concealer over it. Most people who do this look would already have shaved brows. However you can probably tell, I have really thick and dark brows and I don’t want to shave them off so there is still brow visibility. Hence, I fixed the rest up in photoshop. But concealing the brows will already lessen a lot of the dark brow colour.

5. Get your primer and prime your face.

6. I wanted more coverage than usual and a slightly radiant look so I mixed together my CC cream and foundation.

7. And I applied this on my face with a beauty sponge.


8. Spread the foundation following the directional guide in the photo above.

9. Now take the eyeshadow primer and apply this all over the lids, including the undereye area.

10. Take the pearly silverish white cream shadow from the Revlon palette and with your ring finger, apply this all over the first 3/4 of the lid (marked out areas)


11. Now take the Maybelline palette and a flat medium sized shader brush. Dip it into the shimmery white and apply this over the area where you have just applied the cream shadow.

12. Take the bullet head brush and apply the same colour to your tearducts and first half of the bottom lashline.


13. Take the fluffy blending brush and buff the matte black in circular and patting motions into your outer corner until you are satisfied with the amount.



14. Then taking a thin blending brush, use window sweeping motions to bring the black into your crease.

15. Using the same brush and matte black, bring the colour down and connect it with the white.



16. Now repeat the blending steps with the matte black with the shimmery black.

17. Take the black liner and line your eyes.



18. Alright, time to take out a flat shaped liner brush called a pushliner. Dip this into your black eyeshadow and push it into your upper lashline. This will make your lashes look heaps fuller and really makes a difference!!!

19. Now get the liquid liner and sharpen your lines.



20. Looking good. Now take the brow pencil and line out how you want the brows.

21. Fill in the brows with brow powder. And if it isn’t dark or strong enough, you can always use brow mascara as I did.



Whoot… Look at them weirdo brows!!! LOL. As I said mine are really hard to cover since they’re dark and thick and I don’t want to shave them off…

22. No worries. Go back to the Maybelline palette and grab the white again. Use this to highlight your browbone.

23. Take the bottom 3 colours in the Tony Moly Brown as a contour.



24. Contour like so with the guides. Also, contour the jawline if need be.

25. Take the Tony Moly pink holic and use the bottom three as the blush and the top two colours as the highlight.

26. Highlight your T-zone, C-zone, chin and cupid’s bow.



27. Take the shading corset and a small fluffy blending brush to use as nose contouring. If you’ve got an asian piggy nose like me, contour according to my guidelines above. What you want to do is not only contour the bridge of your nose but also bring that into the areas right under your brows and bring it half way under your brows. This will make you look like you’ve got slightly deeper set eyes and make your nose appear longer. Finally the sides of your nose. This you will have to experiment because every nose shape is different. However doing this will cast a shadow beside the nose “flaps”(?! LOL) and make it look thinner.

28. Phew.. curl those lashes…curl them >: [



29. And coat them in mascara. 

30. Take out some scary(nah they beautiful LOL) lashes and apply them on.

31. And the key to the look! The face jewels! Apply these on with a tweezer.



32. Almost done! Apply baby pink lipstick to the centre of your lips.

33. Gloss the lips up with a bit of pink lipgloss.

34. And put on a wig!!!

Thanks for staying with me for so long!





Hope you enjoyed it! 

Janey xx




Raymond Meier- Constance Jablonski Inspired makeup with kpop liner!!!

Hey everyone! Sorry I didn’t around to blogging yesterday! I’m really busy these days but nevertheless, a tutorial today! I thought it was a bit fun and interesting to do…heheheh~ so here it is!


Well, I dolled up the look with a bit of kpop liner. It’s a surprisingly simple look~


1. What you need is to make a paper cut out of a star! *snipsnipsnip

2. Then apply serum, primer, concealer and today I mixed my foundation by Gorgeous with my Hera CC cream for a flawless and glowy face.

3. Apply a turquoise green all over your eyelids followed by a lighter shimmery pastel green.

4. Apply the pastel green into the area between your nose bridge, inner half of the lower lashline and tear ducts! (Not just the tear ducts!)

5. Take a brown pencil liner, line your upper water line and the outer 1/3 of the bottom lashline. This will be the guide to your kpop liner! make sure you don’t turn this eyeliner into a winged liner! SImply follow the curvature of your eyelid and drag the line downwards not upwards so you can create a straight line across for your bottom liner.

6. Take a taupe or soft brown and blend over it.


7. Now take a gel liner and line your eyes, following the shape you have just created! This will be the base for your liquid liner.

8. Clean the look with a liquid liner over the gel liner. With the bottom, start from the outer half and draw straight across to connect with the end of the wing from the top liner.

9. Apply mascara, do your brows. Contour and go nuts with the highlighting ❤


Now the fun part!

1o. Take that cut out you made earlier! Place it onto your face and apply shadow over the shape to make the stars shine on your face!!!

11. Apply a baby pink lipgloss and wuhluh!


All the best!
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Janey xx

Breakup Makeup or for when you’re not feeling all that great.

Sometimes its just not your day. It might not even be a breakup and it might not be anything all too serious but there are just those days where you feel tired of it all. On top of that you feel sluggish yet still want to look great. Just now I got a little bit- i don’t know sudden surge of feeling poopie and thought well- what could one do to still look fantastic without wanting to try because you just can’t…?

I’m sorry I didn’t get to photograph all the steps but here’s an everyday wearable look for when you’re on the go or just can’t be bothered to put a lot of effort into perfecting your makeup. So here’s the look. No need for skill : ] Scroll down to the bottom to see the final look!


1. Wash your face and refresh yourself. Ice out those eyebags or puffy eyes with a cold towel.

2. Lovingly apply some face serum or moisturiser to ready your skin with a healthy glow.

3. Apply concealer and a bb cream or a really light foundation. I wanted a dewy look to look more fresh and glowy~

4. LIGHTLY apply a little bit of translucent powder to set the bb cream.

5. Use a shimmery champagne and apply this over your lids with your finger. Highlight your brow bone.And highlight the tearducts and lower lashline.

6. Take a Taupe or chocolate brown and buff it into your eye sockets.

7. Use a bullet brush and apply a black eyeshadow and line your eyes as you would with a gel liner.

8. Line your waterline with a pencil liner. Keep the look soft.

9. Curl & apply mascara. Fill in your brows.

10. Contour and blush. 

11. Apply highlighter over your t-zone, c-zone and areas where your eyebags fall. (if you have puffy eyes then don’t do that but apply over your cheeks).

12. Put bb cream over your lip and apply a tint in the middle of the lips for that kissable baby doll lips.

And you’re done : )


Well simple and short but I hope you guys enjoyed it.~

Take care. ❤

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Nana Suzuki’s Inspired pinky look!

Hellooo everyone~ today i’ve been inspired by Nana Suzuki’s pink shadows and decided to replicate it coz it was kind of cute~ Yes i’m still in my stage of loving bright colours. So here’s the look:


Yyayy let’s start:~


1. Prime, conceal, and apply your bb cream/ cc cream/ foundation! Then prime your eyelids!

2. Apply a light purple all over your lids. (the circled area)

3. Now take a pink and blend it into your crease!

4. Take a shimmery white and blend it into your brow bone for highlighting. Also apply this on your inner corners.


5. Bring the shimmery white and pat it across the inner half of your lower lash line.

6. Take a really bright pink and line it across the other half of your lash line and wing it out.

7. Line your eyes! Don’t forget the waterlines! Apply mascara

8. Apply your falsies and fill in your brows~

9. Contour, blush and highlight!!!

and you’re done!! YayyY~

(An optional step is to enlarge your eyelids by using eyelid glue or tape. It makes a dramatic difference to your eyes and makes the look more wearable~)



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Black & Yellow Contrast crease cut makeup tutorial!

How are we all doing!? Hope all is well ❤ Last night I decided to attempt to do a crease cut look for the very first time. Lately I’ve been really loving bright colours with a bit of contrast over soft looks. I think this look was a little harder than usual. I have asian eyes and there’s a lot of looks that need to be adjusted since I have an EXTREMELY FLAT facial features + a really small round bubbly face. Here’s the close up shot of the eyelids.

Image Let’s get started!


1. Starting off with a clean face, moisturise, prime and equate out imperfections with some color correcting. Apply your concealer and fav foundation!

2. Get your eyes ready with some eye primer~

3. Take a bright yellow and gently pad and build up the colour over your entire lid. Tip: You may find that if you mix 2 different yellows it will give you a more 3D look/ more intense colour)

4. Pat that yellow on your waterline and under-eye area too!


5. Now take either a black pencil liner or a gel liner and mark out where your crease is. Create an elongated outer V so when you line your eyes it will connect into a lovely cat flick.

6. After marking it out, take a black shadow and build up the intensity of the black all the way up to the brows for that Egyptian kinda look. You may choose to do less and have the black fade out into the browbone for a more wearable look!


7. Fill in your brows and line your eyes! Top off the eyeliner with a liquid liner for a more defined line.

8. Contour your face, apply falsies!

9. I finished off with a bright pink lip. And you’re done! ❤

Here’s the completed look while wearing my fav blonde wig xD!



Hope you guys enjoyed this look! 

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March of the Swallowtail Makeup

Hi everyone! Its a really pretty day today here in the southern parts of the world~ Hope you’re  all able to find something to be thankful about : )

Last night I had a sudden hunch to get up and do something to my face again. A friend of mine wanted me to do some dramatic makeup so I was just working over some concepts. I think i’ve settled down with the Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly. Beautiful blues across its wings and a slight silver sparkle and an occasional hint of bright yellow.

Unfortunately it was getting really late so I didnt’ get to take individual shots for the tutorial. But the steps are pretty much the same to my 


tutorial :P.

Here’s the look!



Yayyy hope you enjoyed this look! 

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