Baby Color- Candy Rainbow Brown lens review!

Can finally post after grudging through college assignments. ANYWAY- the long awaited review on these BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL LENS!!! ARHKJLEHKGH I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! ❤ I got mine from Fashion Eye :)! 

This is the description: 

Diameter: 14.50mm
Enlargement: 19.8mm
Water content: 40%
Disposal: 1 year
Prescription: 0.00 to -8.00


The Candy Rainbow Brown lens by Baby Color is really gorgeous. Strikingly golden brown with splints of black design and a small black ring really make it unique. They accentuate really well on pretty much anyone- legit. Though the brown-gold tones will most definitely vary depending on what eye colour you are.

This is what they look like in the lens case:


top: no flash / bottom: with flash


I love the colour and how it turns out! Its pretty much exactly how I wanted them to be. I expected that they’d be a lot darker as per say to what would usually happen when you get other lenses- but these ones are pretty close to the Ad picture. The small black rim around the lens is also a nice touch. It’s unique design allows the lens to be appropriate for both natural and heavy makeups. A lot of lenses have the thick one and they may come on too artificial for daily makeup looks- but will look great with heavier makeup looks with lashes and all. They really make the eye interesting and are really thin to wear so its not uncomfortable. The colour really pops out but not to too intense a degree so its suitable for day-to-night looks~~


-I really don’t have any negativities on these ones. Perhaps – maybe its just me, I find these lens a bit irritating after about 6 hours. And vision gets a little blurry after that…….. but that usually happens when the lens starts feeling uncomfortable for any lens anyway…*yeah that’s all! LOL!

So overall rating I would rate them 4/5!!! I would love to try the other colours- Candy Rainbow Blue, pink and gray as well!!! ~_~v

Below are some shots on how they look like. (Top: with flash. Bottom: without flash)



I used these lenses for my Akane from Psycho-pass cosplay tooo! Turned out so well!





So what do you think :O!? Like/ Not like? 😛

If you’d like to get a discount on some of these awesome lenses, simply go to Fashion Eye and complete your order with the magice code: PHOTOJANEIC 


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Hope you enjoyed this little rant!

Hf and take care xx.



Dolly Wink 03 Country Retro Eyeshadow Palette by Tsubasa Masukawa Review!!!

Hi everyone!!! It’s been a little while for an update but hopefully you’ll checkout my FB page for more regular daily updates on looks and videos!!! ❤

Today i’m going to do the long awaited review on Tsubasa Masukawa’s Country Retro palette. I got this palette from My FashionEye <3!!! This one isn’t as popular as the other Dolly Wink palettes out on the market- probably because of the colour and because it seems a little hard to wear? But I think its cute, fun and funky!


WELL NOPE. I’m going to show you 3 other alternative ways to wear these colours! (There’s a lot more but you can use these examples as guidelines for your creativity ^^!) First thing you need to note is that the colours on this palette involves orange and blue as the theme which means that you’re going for an awesome colour crash. Reason 1: they’re on opposite sides of the colour wheel. Reason 2: the colours are both warm and cool. This means anyone can wear it you’ll just have to adjust the colour matching and placement to what suits you. Tsubasa shows off her combo of the colours on the package and this look atypically matches someone with a more neutral skin tone- but I don’t think that would stop anyone wearing any colour >: P So the below two images are the packaging and steps to get Tsubasa’s look.


And this is me… with the look 🙂 



Ok so now i’m going to show you the other looks I came up with. (+tips on how to apply it properly) :D! OH and i do really aplogize with the inconsistency of the photo colours >< I was in a massive rush ><

Look 1: Day look

Especially suited for: Hooded eyes, monolids, Deep set eyes, Wide set eyes (Just don’t highlight the corner of your eyes)


1. Apply primer all over the lid and up to the brow-bone.

2. Apply a wash of orange all over the mobile lid and into the crease. (If you have a hooded eye or thick lids you want to bring this colour up past your double eyelid into the crease so that you can actually see the colour when you open the eye. Defeats the purpose if you can’t right ^~^?)

3. From the brow-bone, bring down the highlighting colour to the orange and blend nicely. Also pop this in the inner corners of the eyes.

4. Line the top lashline with the dark blue and bring it up a little higher than where you would put your eyeliner. Line the outer 1/3 of your bottom lashline with the light blue.

5. Line your eyes.

6. Curl and mascara~

Look 2: Clashing Blue Crease

Especially suited for: Hooded eyes, Protruding eyes, Close set eyes, No visible eye socket


1. Prime your eyes

2. Apply an all over wash of orange over the lid working from the outside to the inside.

3. Follow the imaginary diagonal line from your eyebrow to the side of your nose. Apply the dark blue from the outer 1/3 of the lashline and work it into your eye socket (working from the outside towards the inside) creating a soft off shaped “c”.

4. Pop a little bit of the light blue between the orange and dark blue to help the colours blend. Re-apply some orange to the centre for a pop of colour.

5. Bring some of the dark blue down the outer 1/2 of the bottom lashline. Then apply the highlighting colour to the brow bone.

6. Cat line, curl and mascara.

Look 3:  Retro Blue Smokey.

Especially suited for: Hooded eyes, Protruding eyes, close set eyes.


1. Prime and apply a wash of the light blue up past the crease area.

2. Apply the dark blue to the outer V and enhance the depth of the eye socket by bringing some of the darkness towards the centre.

3. Highlight the brow bone.

4. Apply the orange all the way across the bottom lashline.

5. Line the eyes.

6. Curl and mascara.


Lipstick: I’d suggest keeping it along the lines of coral, oranges and nudes. Unless ur really out there, go for a blue LOL!!! So…  Here’s what I ended up doing for a bit of fun….


So as you can see, this palette is really fun!!! My only peeve about it is that it’s not pigmented enough. Hence, I always always ALWAYS recommend using a really good primer over the lid and you’ll have to apply a couple of good pats to really get the colour vibrant enough for your looks. Other than that, great colour combo, looks cute and extremely convenient to take around!!! So overall I’ll give it about a 7/10. ❤

Well, that’s all from me today!!! Hope you enjoyed the looks and let me know if you try it out!!! 😀

Take care and keep creative!!!

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E-Heart Lashes Review!!! <3

This brand of lashes were designed by a lot of popular beauty bloggers such as Nancy Chen and Yui and produced by E-Hsin Liu. As most of us would be pouring out our wallets on a box of Dolly Wink lashes that only come with two pairs, this is a high quality box of 5 lashes for the price of roughly $18.00 aud!!!

If you’ve read some of my previous posts, I have paired some of these lashes with the lenses/ makeup that I wore while I was overseas~

There’s different boxes you can get with these awesome pretty fluffs- you can get your hands on the limited type that comes with a mixture of the lashes OR you can get the box set of the specific type of lashes. :]

At first I was a bit afraid of using some of the lashes because they looked heaps huge. I’ve had bad past experiences where I purchased some big lashes from Priceline (Aus popular drugstore) and well- I looked like a clown. Ever since then I never reached for big lashes and have been afraid of them. But with these I decided to give it another go! And to my surprise it went really good!!!

The pair that i’m going to show in today’s review is Angel Eye from the limited type 01 collection. Usually I reach for something that looks more spread out and natural so I thought this would look kinda weird on me. But it didn’t. In fact it gave me a really nice boost to making my eyes look extremely big and dolly without looking scary!

This is the Limited Type 01 box set:


These are the lashes by themselves.

Sooooo as you can see they’re kinda huge!!! Would’nt of expected that my eyes were able to carry it! The thing about these lashes is that they’re quite durable so you’ll be able to get more wears off these lashes than the Dolly Wink ones. The lashbands are thicker so when you’re cleaning them, they won’t break as easily or let the lashes slide around the band as easily either. :D!!! The only downside to them for me is that they’re not as soft as the Dolly wink lashes. They’re definitely more dramatic and seem a little bit less natural- but for durability and cost price wise I think it’s definitely worth it. Especially if you’re going for an event or to a cosplay shoot, these lashes will definitely last throughout the day of wear’n’tear and give you a massive lash boost.

Here’s the look that I paired these lashes with today 🙂



I hope you guys liked the review : ) These lashes are great for price and quality. ^~^v! A good buy if you don’t wanna spend a fortune on lashes but still wanting to get that same dolly eye look! I got mine from FashionEye.

Take care and keep smiling!!!

Janey xx

Matcha Latte Nails!!!

If you have read some of the previous nail art that i’ve been attempting at, well I’ve picked up more of Beauty World’s nail polish in Hong Kong!!! This week i’ve been really loving these matcha latte inspired nails~ It was hard to do- but only due to the blending and making the layers between the green and the milk tea colour look natural. I also love the finish of these nail polishes because they look a bit glossier than most normal nail polish that require using a top coat to give it that shine.

These 3 colours came in one set~


Annd the result :D!!!



Yayy 😀 I thought these were really cute. Let me know what you think!!! 😀

Lots of love,

Janey xx

Ms Fynale Kiwi Green contact lenses review!!!

Hi everyone!!! So today was the second time I wore the Ms Fynale (Korean brand) Kiwi Green contacts in 14.5mm from the Kiwi series. These were kindly supplied by FashionEye and as usual, I’ll put her link below if you’re interested in purchasing these lenses. And yep~ IT REALLY DOES LOOK QUITE LIKE A KIWI FRUIT~_~

ImageWater content is 42% with a base curve of 8.6mm. I really quite liked the design. I thought it looked unique without being too crazy- as in overly cheesy in design and it also steered away from being overly simple. The black rim is really thick so it gives the dolly eye look- It’s not all that natural but you’d get away with wearing it everyday. (IMO) Being a 14.5mm, these were quite comfy for me. Not the most comfortable I’ve worn but it wasn’t annoying or irritating either.

Pros: Because of it’s thick black rim it gave a very nice enlarging effect~ I also wore these for about 9 hours and it didn’t feel really dry until 6 hours after… (really shouldn’t but i forgot to bring my lens case T^T). I really enjoyed the look of these lenses as mentioned above- and the dashes around the iris area really accentuate your iris~

Cons: I don’t really have any cons against these lenses except that it wasn’t all too vibrant on my dark brown eyes. The colour is quite visible in sunlight but turns to dark green when indoors. Though, that’s usually expected with having dark eyes~ If you have light blue or green eyes then well, these would look freaking awesome and bright on you!!! *so much love*~

So here’s a photo of the lenses and then of me wearing them along with E-heart lashes in Naturally~



I really quite like these lenses~ I might buy them again in different colours xD!!! Thankyou for reading with me up to here!!! xx

Take Care!

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Photography/Mua Update!!!

Hi! So finally I present to you all some fantastic photographic work I got to work on with, done recently by Hayley Pease.

Photography: Hayley Pease @

Model: Ana Karpoukhina

MUA/H: Myself



Hope you guys like the photos! 

Take Care and all the best xD

Janey xx


Cotton Candy Ombre Nails~ & Shoutout to Miss Wen! xx

Helloo everybody! How are we? A stunningly beautiful friend of mine- Miss Wengie posted up a super easy d.i.y tutorial on how to do ombre nails!!! It really helped!!! As you know i’m a total nooblet at doing nail art but nevertheless… I do try my bestest \;_;v

I really love pastel colours so I went ahead and.. well.. slapped on some a-typical cotton candy colours and a bit of sparkly stuff. : )


You can checkout Wengie’s beauty blog @

Or follow her awesome tutorial @


Take care and have a fabulous day!~

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Flower fantasy makeup & IMP Box Photography

Hey guys! Cheers for uploading a bit of what i’ve been up to recently! I got to work on hair and makeup with my awesome buddy Jez @ IMP BOX Photography and one of my besties- Chiizu 🙂 

The look was suggested by Jez after reviewing some of Yoshitaka Amano’s artwork. One of my favs!!! His art style had heavily influenced my style of art back in the day when I was drawing~ There’s a film he drew called the Angel’s Egg. A beautiful and really enchanting piece of art.The photo below is what we used as a base image to work off the shoot from. (Not from Angel’s Egg)


Below is one of the many fantastic photos by Jez:


And following is one of my shots before the shoot.



Had a lot of fun doing the look. Its quite simple and oriental. Hope you enjoyed the little snippits!~

Take care!!

Janey xx

Yohio Makeup II! [Photo Heavy]

No doubt, I really like Yohio. Heheheh. Therefore I found another makeup he had on and I thought it was simple with a slight twist with the shadows. Really easy application and kinda fun to wear!


Make up used:




 Face Products: Clio art highlighter in 1 Pearl White, Lioele Secret Pore HD Powder, Etude House Shading Corset in #5, Hera CC cream in 01, The Body Shop 01 Shimmer Waves in Bronze, Majolica Majorca Pudd de Cheeks in OR302, Gorgeous camouflage cover creme, TooFaced Shadow insurance.


Eyeshadows: Ben Nye Lumiere Grande Colour Palette, Gorgeous Essential Shades Palette, Gorgeous Perfect Palete.


Other: Clio Diamond Rose HD Base, Maybelline One by One Volume Express, MAC gel liner in Blacktrack, MAC lip glass in Richer Lusher, MAC lash curler, DUO eyelash adhesive.




1. Moisturise and apply primer.

2. Conceal (My eyebags are beyond conceal-able LOL)

3. Apply on the CC cream with a beauty sponge/ blender for that flawless and pore-less porcelain skin look.

4. Puff on some translucent powder.


 5. Prime your eyes~

6. Using a big flat brush pat on some copper orange all over the lids.


 7. Then take a fluffy brush and pack in some dusty copper brown into the outer v.

8. Take an angled blending brush or a blending brush and blend in the colour that has just been deposited.



9. Using a very small brush, take some hot pink shadow and smooth that onto one of your lower lashlines and take a blue and do the same for the other eye!


 10. With a clean brush, pick up some pearl white and pat this into the inner corners of your eyes and also use it as a highlighter on your browbone.

11. Using a push liner, fill in your waterlines with a dark brown.



12. Use an angled liner brush and line your eyes, curl lashes and apply mascara.

13. Contours! Contour the cheek bones, jaw lines and the bridge of your nose.

14. Apply a dusty salmon blush.


15. Highlight: C zone, T-zones and nose!!

16. Finish off with falsies and applying a pinky lipgloss!

17. Oh and a blonde wig hahah!


Chanel 2013 Summer Haute Couture Inspired Makeup! [Photo Heavy]

Finally, a change of face! A friend of mine suggested me to do a look similar to that of the Chanel’s latest summer haute couture. Challenge accepted. Although I think I should’ve spent more time to model this look to be more finite but I leapt straight to doing the look when I was over at a close friend’s house. It’s been one of the more challenging looks that I’ve done but I had a lot of fun and quite a headache!!! Here’s what I came up with ^^:


What I used:




 Face: Lioele Secret HD Powder, Lace, Felt (create a natural organic design to go on the undereye area!), Etude House Shading Corset in #5, MAC blusher in Supernova, Smashbox photo finish primer, Tony Moly Shimmer cube in brown, Gorgeous base perfect liquid foundation in 1Y-BP, You also need your fav pair of lashes~


Eye shadows: Gorgeous essential shades palette, Jill Stuart palette in 09 Mandarin citrine.


Other: TooFaced shadow insurance, Lancome mascara in Hypnose, HUB Makeup mascara in Superlash black, DUO eyelash adhesive, Stila waterproof eyeliner in Stingray, MAC lash curler.



 1. Start off with a clean face. Apply your face primer and conceal any blemishes with a concealer brush.

2. Using a foundation brush, apply a matte foundation to the skin. We’re not going for a dewy look today because the look is very organic with a touch of dark and venetian element. [You may also decide to only apply the foundation on the eye area first and then apply foundation to the rest of the face after applying the eye makeup because it may get messy if you’re not used to the product you’re using ^~^]

3. Apply the eye primer all over the lids and the undereye area to secure the black shadows later.


4. [Now i’ve actually finished one side of the eyes before doing the other so you can see how I get the final result.] Using a cream liner, fill out the entire lid as shown.

5. Use a matte black, pat it over the cream base and repeat using a shimmery black. Blend out any harsh edges with a precision blending brush so it doesn’t get too messy.

6. Take the cream liner again and line your eyes. Bring the liner down to your bottom lashline thickly like so. Don’t worry if it’s messy, we’re going to blend it out right after!



7. So take a short flat shading brush and run the matte black shadow over the cream bottom line you just made and blend it out with the top shadow.

8. Next, use a clean bullet brush and apply it to the inner corner of your eyes.

9. Use the precision shadow again, with the TINIEST amount of shimmery black, blend out the white slightly.



10. Using a medium sized shader, apply a shimmery dark brown shadow to the eye sockets so that it softens the black.

11. Now for the fun/ trickier part. Take the lace design that you had prepared. Place the lace on the outer areas of the eye and take the matte shadow and apply it carefully over the lace to create the delicate design. Continue this step until you are satisfied with the amount of lace pattern on the face.



12. Afterwards, take the lovely design cutout that was prepared earlier and apply lashglue and paste it over the lace design. Make sure the lace design still peeps through!



13. Slim and bring out the cheek bones by contouring the hollows of your cheeks and jawline~

14. Apply a dusty rose blush.

15. Highlight the high points of your face. Nose, cheeks, chin, forehead.

16. Contour the nose!


 17. Fill in the brows. Make sure they’re thick and defined.

18. Apply the falsies and a matte lip ❤

Here’s the final look:


Hope you guys enjoyed the look! A massive big shout out and thanks to my friend Chiizu for letting me photograph experiment on her face! xx

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