Photographic snaps from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan~

Yayyy so I get to do a photographic post tonight~ I got to see so many great views. There’s a lot more but here are just some snaps~ I hope you all enjoy sightseeing just as much as I do! I could only bring along with me minimum gear but I think they served me well~ The main things i brought along were my camera body of course, my 14mm f2.8 and 24-70mm f2.8. If you’re just starting out on photography and thinking about doing so landscapes overseas your lifesavers are most definitely a circular polariser and a tripod : )




So let me know what you think! Also, let me know where you’d love to go for a trip and what’s a sight you’re dying to see!


Haul Update!!!

Hi everyoneee!!!!! I really wanted to upload a tutorial I did but this mobile net and dodgy computer just isn’t letting me upload ;_;

On the other hand~ I did my first splurge today! Here we are!




A bunch of stuff i’m not really going to go through name by name LOL but I can surely tell you it’s a lot cheaper than what you can get from your local store if you’re from where I am ^~^


Originally I was after both the red and green 500mm Bioderma makeup removers until I saw this limited packaging… and well.. yeap.. the cute pakaging won me over. LOL!!!


Welll THIS!!! YAYYYY!!!! Jill Stuart haul!!! After spending a certain amount, they gave me this super super cute makeup bag, air freshener and primer sample. ~ I love the whole range but to be honest, I’d only spend it on this luxury brand once in a while~

Thas all for now!!! Can’t wait to post high res photos up once I return!!!

Take Care!!!

Janey XX!

Peace: Romans 5:1-8, 12:16-21, Philippians 4:4-9.

Introduction: Peace- the third characteristic of the fruit of the spirit. Most people associate peace with the absence of suffering or painful things; or even an image of green meadows and happy things or everyone getting along with one another. What does the Bible say about peace?

Big Idea: If there’s one thing that we should hold on tightly tonight, it is that true peace comes from knowing that our lives are in God’s control. It might not sound appealing as I say it now, but believe me, it is the peace that God gives that will guard our hearts and minds.

We are justified through faith by what Jesus has done. Through this faith, we have accepted God’s grace and in this we have hope, and in this hope we can have peace. Let’s have a breakdown of what peace really is. There are three points I want to go through to show you how it works and how we can have peace when God is in control of our lives.


Point 1: Peace with God (Spiritual Order)

Romans 5:1-8 

Being justified through faith, we receive grace and when we stand in this grace, we have reconciliation with God. With this reconciliation, we can therefore rejoice and have hope. It allows us to rejoice in all things, in suffering and in good times because we can look towards the hope of the glory of God.

 … But what is the hope in the glory of God!?

Illustration: What are some essentials we need in order to watch a movie at the cinemas or attend a show? We need tickets. The tickets have been paid for long before our arrival to watch the show. It’s not us that grants ourselves access to the show but it’s the tickets. Having the tickets with us is what grants us permission to see the show. The show in which our King Jesus will return and take us home!

In a way, our faith are these tickets. Our faith is what grants us access to God. It’s amazing that we have access to God! Better yet, it’s Jesus that paid for our admission to see the Father! Talk about free tickets! We rely on Jesus to be justified through faith so that we can have peace with God because faith grants us access into the grace of God. And this is our position- when we totally rely on Jesus we stand in grace, we are at a place of favour and mercy, we are at a place where all we can do is hope. 

When we stand in this grace (unmerited and underserved kindness) we can be assured. We can have hope. We can have peace because we know we can persevere through good times and bad times because all these things build up towards Jesus’ return.


Point 2: Peace on Earth (Relational Order)

Romans 12:16-21, 5:5

In what we have just read in Romans 5:5, we learn that God has poured out His spirit to us. As Christians, we serve God and His Spirit blesses us and it helps us and influences us in the way in how we live. It’s actually an assurance to God’s glory that is to come and it keeps us close to God! Now that we understand how in hoping in God we have reconciliation and peace, we have peace and better yet; are assured of it as we live our lives!

 How do we live our lives!?

We experience many things in living. Good stuff and pain keeps knocking at our doors constantly. It also means that we are crossing roads with people we love and people we find hard to love. But God calls us to love one another regardless. How does this have anything to do with peace? Well not only does this mean that we have peace with one another, those whose hope is in the Lord, know and endure because we have the assurance and know that God will take care of it all. (v.19) In knowing this, we can be at peace and we can endure as we wait upon Jesus. 

Why is it important to love our enemies… and how can we? Paul continues to encourage us to use this time to encourage one another to make peace with one another. You and I were all born into this world the same way and God has not orphaned any of us. It is comforting that God has left His Holy Spirit with us; and with His power among us, we are united. We can have peace with one another, and it lets us all be patient and bearing and enduring all things with the love Christ that was first graced upon us.

Therefore, bless your enemies, feed the hungry for our hope is rested in the peace of God that allows us to have peace with one another. It helps us stay reconciled with God because of we repay evil with evil, we’re crushing the reconciliation with God and putting Jesus back on that cross. So in everything you do, be reconciled with God to the place God in His providence puts you in, whatever it may be- so that you can rejoice.


Point 3: Peace Of God (Psychological Order)

 Philippians 4:4-9

The peace of God will guard our hearts. It helps us be at peace with God and with others. It is comforting to know that we have access to God and that we can look forward to His Glory that helps us live joyfully. In reading this passage, we can be at ease because we can bring all things to God. Happy or sad. It is our duty to bring everything to God in prayer- with this constant wrestling of thanksgiving and hunger for reconciliation. It keeps us on our feet.

Paul recommends to us that we come to God again and again in prayer and petition- because this is the remedy that keeps us from sinning, distrust and worldly distractions.

 If God is all knowing why do we have to keep praying!?

Just because God knows our needs and wants, it is NOT and excuse to not pray or even be lazy about it. God wants us to OWN the mercy He has graced upon us. He wants us to show that we value His mercy. This is His peace working within us. Prayer is not only exercising the access we have to God, but at the same time it is a constant reminder that keeps our hearts close to God. With being close to God, we learn His heart and His desires and this keeps us from sinning and falling away from God. The peace of God goes hand in hand with us keeping close to our duty; that is the response to the salvation we have in the free mercy of God through Jesus Christ.


“… And the peace of God which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Phil 4:7)

This is our confidence to live because we have Peace with God believing that God is in full control, that everything we may go through, God will bring us through so that one day we can have hope fulfilled and see the glory of Jesus returning.  🙂
With much love,
Janey xx

The Modern Day Holocaust: Human Trafficking

It’s not my first time posting about human trafficking. And it definitely won’t be the last. Human trafficking is the modern day Holocaust. The modern day form of slavery. The us who are reading this here would most  likely already realise that it’s horrific- though perhaps not horrific enough to make us realise that we take everything we have at arms reach for granted. We might even have slight thoughts that run along the lines of “well some people choose to be this way” without considering the reality of how they are trapped to choose to live like so.

Just the other day, a friend and I went to view the film, “Trade of Innocents”, a thriller independent film aimed to raise awareness on the issue of human trafficking. I won’t go into too much detail because it is not my primary focus of the day, but it is definitely worth checking out. There is however a line that caught the majority of the viewer’s attention. That is “Changing the fear equation.” It went something along the lines of this: The people who should fear is not the victims, but the pimps and the sellers- these criminals. They’re the ones who should fear because people are watching. The only thing that is not stopping them is because there is fear in the victims, and there is fear in the passerby-s. 

If you haven’t heard of what human trafficking is, human trafficking is the fastest growing multi billion dollar criminal act on the face of this planet. It umbrellas an entire network of criminal acts based upon the demand for money and sex and other sexual pleasures. Pornography and a string of other things that have these sexual connotations even non-legit dvds come from this network. It may shock to you and maybe some of your friends that perhaps even you have somewhat contributed to growth to this criminal act.

The following explanation of human trafficking is extracted from the Trade of Innocents: 10 Things You Should Know Pamphlet:

Current U.S. Anti-Human Trafficking Law, the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (“TVPA”) defines “Severe forms of trafficking in persons”involves (A) sex trafficking in which a commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion, or in which the person induced to per- form such act has not attained 18 years of age; or (B) the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for labor or services, through the use of force, fraud, or coer- cion for the purpose of subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or slavery. See Trafficking Victims Protection Act, 22 U.S.C. 7102(8)


What’s so scary about it is that it is not only women as victims, a percentage of men and a huge percentage of children also make up this equation. Here are some astonishing facts:

  • 2 Children are sold into sex slavery every minute.
  • Average age of entry into this industry is around 11-14 years.
  • In the next 48 hours, 1 in 3 children will be lured into being in the sex industry
  • “Every 30 seconds someone is forced into modern-day slavery.” -A21 campaign

For more info you can view my previous blog here:

In this blogpost I would also like to give a shoutout to the A21 campaign. They are an organisation that provides shelters and much work including prevention and providing presecutors in order to rescue girls from the pimps and their hidden locations. To them as well as every other organisation that is in this field, I give them my full support for their hard work. The harsh reality is that 99% of victims are not rescued. Regardless, that does not mean we should give up on increasing the 1% that are rescued and increasing that. The fear equation needs to be changed. “No-one can do everything, But everyone can do something.” I’m not encouraging hate on pimps and criminals because these people are also in need of a change in heart. Let’s face it, no-one is perfect and sometimes even for us we do some ridiculous things that hurt other people. No-one is better than anyone but we can all make the world a better place to live in if we truly started caring for one another.

No matter who you are, or what you are capable of, what little thing you can give up in your time can start a revolution. Whether you are a Christian or not these are things you CAN do:

  • Pray for victims- for strength, salvation, for protection and freedom and justice, for hope and healing.
  • Pray for Traffickers- for conviction, repentance, salvation, for networks to dismantle, for oppressors to be arrested and prosecuted.
  • Pray for Governments- for corruption to cease, or implementation of just legislation, for discernment in forming allies.


  • Write letters and write for victims rights.
  • Get social
  • Donate (if you can afford to)
  • Volunteer to help
  • Send gifts and encouragement
  • Educate yourself in the matter
  • Make videos or blog
  • Share with your friends the issue
  • Don’t take your life for granted because you have so much freedom. Make the most of what you have and give to others. There is nothing better than the gift of giving without expecting anything in return. ❤


Here’s the link to learn more about the A21 campaign:

and here’s that to the film:


That’s it for today and I pray that you’ll all think twice about every decision you make and be thankful for what you have at arms reach ❤ Take care. 

Janey xx

The Beautiful Gift of Life

It’s almost 3am in the morning and I can’t really escape my computer because a video i’m making is rendering. Sigh… rendering… but since it’s Easter Sunday, I thought I would like to share with you a message and an experience I have gone through in my life. Whether you are a Christian or not- Don’t waste your life.

Be it that you are young or old, it doesn’t matter. There’s nothing more traumatic than being at your moment in death and screaming out “I’ve wasted it, i’ve wasted it!”. About 2 years ago I thought the world was mine to conquer. I was young, I was fearless and I had a car to drive. Not that I took my chances to speed or anything, mind you at that point in my life I was already a dedicated Christian, I wasn’t afraid because I was young and I could look forward to a bright future. On my way while I was driving back home from youth group, I was leisurely talking to my friends in the car. Didn’t realise I sped through a red light. In that split second on a 6 lane road my car was pummelled. 3 Cars involved in the accident. The door on my side- rendered total loss. But my car was still moving so I pulled to the side. I was alive.

Picking up my brain I tried to retrace what had just happened. Sped through a light. Got smashed. Broken glass everywhere. Broken door. Then I looked at my legs. I looked at my friends. I looked at the other 3 damaged cars… Everyone was alive. Everyone was- unscathed. I had minor scratches. I was alive. If the opposite car was any bigger than a regular family sedan I would be either permanently paralysed or dead. But no. My door was about 3cm away from my leg. The glass shattered neatly around my body instead of my eyes. Thank God I’m alive

Did you know that this life of ours could be taken away so easily? Did you know that although you can make the choices in your life, your finish line is not yours to mark? Did you know that there’s a man in history called Jesus that gave up His life so that you can have freedom from every guilt you have?! Your life and freedom was bought with a price. A price of love that cannot be replaced. A freedom that can only be received if the receiver accepts the gift. “You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.” 1 Corinthians 6:19-20. For the non-christian, “this is what Jesus Christ offers: doubly belonging to God, and being able to do what you were made for.”- (John Piper) This is not so that you would avoid a wounded life. But to avoid a wasted life. The man called Jesus who died on the cross for all the guilt and shame we have had you in mind, knowing you before you were born and knowing what greatness and possibility you have and what you need. He wanted to give you a chance and to give you a shot at living in the fullness that you could. And did that, by conquering death. As crazy as it sounds. He rose again from death. Proving that He is God, proving that you can put anything to Him in hope.

This easter I want to share that your life is precious. Other people’s lives are precious. There’s something I hope for you to realise. In that moment at the brink of death I believe angels were guarding me. I believe and am thankful that I live, and that I can share with you this story. You and I have a purpose. From big to small things, you influence those around you. Never think that you have nothing to do with them. You are placed in such a position to do something. It doesn’t have to be anything heroic. Even just listening to your friend’s problem without saying anything would mean the world to them. So live your life. Don’t waste it. I’m not saying you can’t do silly things or that you can’t go nuts. But I urge you to find your purpose, to find what you can do, and do it so that you can love other people and treasure the beautiful gift of life.

Lots of love and Happy Easter!

Lots of love, Janey xx

An amazing opportunity to do makeup @ EMG!

Although it has been just a call-in once off thing, I went all excited and freaked out at the same time when I had an opportunity to do makeup for the rising model Marnie Harris and not to mention alongside with an amazingly talented team: Photographer Sam Hendel and Emma Read that was put together by Simone from Emg!!! A whole week later i’m still not sure how to go about writing this blog post since the photographs have been out because I still lack a lot of experience in doing on the go jobs. I promise you though, I will only keep trying harder and harder!

Regardless, below are some of the images. Please remember that Sam Hendel has full photographic rights to these images!




Well, that’s it for now! I am so grateful and thankful for this opportunity. Perhaps someday I too can be fully legit in doing makeup for models and such? Only way to find out is to work harder and sprint on towards the goal! Enjoy life, and take care!

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Janey xx


Photoshoot: De Rose of Día de los Muertos @ Cockatoo Island!!!

Wow. So many things have happened in the past 48 hours I just had NO TIME at all to blog! But i love blogging and even though there’s still a lot of work to be put behind the things i’m doing I’ll be sure to reveal to you all~ shoots, makeup, reviews and life adventures. 

I hope you have all seen my De Rose of Día de los Muertos makeup tutorials in one of my previous blog posts because this is what it’s about. Today I headed over to Cockatoo Island with my crew to take some shots of a friend of mine who requested the look. It was a long hot and humid day. Yuck. And one of my flash guns weren’t working either so we had to make do… being frustrated, sweaty, annoyed, lost… but then most photoshoots are like that. HAHAHAHAH.

Anyway, meet my team of the day!


So we’ve got my assistants Steve- videographer/cinematographer/health freak, Alan- graphic designer and Nona the model of the day. Fun times, good times, seriously tiring times. 

Unfortunately i’ve only mustered enough energy to edit one photo. Here’s a sneak peak of one of the shots!


MUA/Hair/Photography by Me 🙂

Anyway I am SO tired. You can totally tell from the photo below. Barely any makeup, eyebags and scruffy ol’t-shirt. I’m about to knock out hehe. Hope you all had a most fabulous day!



You can visit:

Alan @

Steve @ or youtube channel:

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Janey xx

Watch out for Diyana Kosso’s elaborate collection @ Fashion Week!!!

As most of you gurus would know, that fashion week in Sydney is JUST around the corner. 55 Days left until the big week. Today I’ve had the privilege to work on makeup and hair with the amazing designer Miss Diyana Kosso, photographer Hayley Pease and model Bethan Arthur.

So look out for the amazing and elegant collection of beautiful white cloths!!! Pamplets will be handed out so make sure you grab one while you’re there!

Here’s a sneak peak on behind the scenes in the studio taken with my phone… yes my phone lol. But no worries photos will be up soon so be anticipating for the team’s amazing effort and work!




Amazing right!?

So please checkout our work!!!

Hayley: &

& Myself (Jane):  &

Also just another announcement, today’s the last day for voting @ FashionEye contest! So if you’d like to, please click on the link below and vote for my photograph by clicking the like button! Much appreciated~ ❤ [Photography by Hayls]

Stay tuned, have fun and all the best!

Janey xx

How to be a beautiful person.

It’s true, the youth of our beauty is only fleeting. No matter how hard we try to tighten up the sagging skin, no matter how we coverup with makeup. We will age and life is short. Meanwhile the character of your heart will pull through to your last days. You don’t have to be a perfect person to be beautiful but quieten down your busy lives and try and see that there is so much more about life than it seems! The world you’ve built around you is much smaller than what God has in store! Living to see the better for others, living to understand, living to live. Now how great is that : D?!

Here’s a thingo I just came across on tumblr. I’m not sure where it’s from so I shall link you all to where I found it.



From: Freddie Roe @

Have a wonderful day :]

Janey xx

Human Trafficking/Sex Slavery- What’s with that girl?



Human Trafficking and Sexual Abuse. -A short insight.Image


You know it always amazes me how the red light districts are so popular. Everything to do with sex is popular. It’s become pretty much the overarching or is pretty much the obviously hinted thing imbedded into our daily conversations- our jokes, music, art, bgrs (boy-girl relationships), motivations etc. I’m not aiming to fare war with gender related things but what I do feel very deeply for is the thing about human trafficking. I don’t claim to be an expert and I have no right to be a voice or anything. I’m sharing with you what I find simply shocking, gross and pretty unhappy about. The photograph above is a produced image of photographs that I did for part of my university degree in which was itched out from this issue.

What is Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking involves both males and females as victims. Predominantly women and children. It’s pretty much slavery in its worst form possible known to mankind. It is, a human inflicted crime against humanity- and involves fishy recruitment, fraud, debt-taking, kidnapping, transporting people into commercial sex or sex slavery. 

“Slavery is still alive and well in our contemporary society.”

– Exodus Cry

What typically happens is that once the women and children are sold into, or somehow get themselves wound up in these situations, they’re forced to stay at these havens/ houses where they get mentally and physically broken beyond repair. The victims would be locked up, get given heavy doses of drugs to the point where they could be just barely sane. They would then be given away to the pimps at the house, “and made to perform humiliating sexual acts on up to 40 strangers every night.” (Nefarious Synopsis) This would be repeated for a while until they give up hope in trying to escape. These broken people would then be ready to go on the market to rake in the money for their pimps… and higher ups.

Many of these people you see on the streets at night smiling at you in skimpy clothing and cheap makeup are the majority of prostitutes that we know of. Would you please consider looking at them with a different eye now? It’s not that they have a choice. Even if they had a choice, there’s nothing for them to hold on to anymore. So please please, consider again if you wish to buy sex. Don’t let your down there of little chemical reactions govern over what’s right or wrong. We all know better than this. Consider again if you’re going to think a headful of scornful thoughts about those who are smiling on the outside and crying on the inside.

What runs through your head eventually reveals in what you do and how you act. How you act starts a chain reaction in other people. Change in the world starts from changing how you think.

Below are some statistics that I found from The group Exodus Cry, has created a very moving documentary film about human trafficking. The reality of it all is too much for writing in blogs, tears in tissues, pain for the heart. They interview real people from real experiences- both victims and people who were ex-pimps. I do highly recommend giving it a thorough look into for a more enriched understanding.

“❖ On June 1, 2012, the International Labor Organization released its 2nd global estimate of forced labor (slavery) and trafficking in persons. The estimate is 20.9 million victims. The 2012 United States Trafficking in Persons Report used this estimate as the new global estimate of trafficking in persons.


❖ A conservative estimate of the number of victims of sexual slavery/sex trafficking globally is 4,500,000 (International Labor Organization, 2012)


❖ 98% of all victims of sexual slavery/sex trafficking worldwide are women and girls (International Labor Organization, 2012)


❖ Sexual exploitation makes up 79% of identified forms of international cross border human trafficking, including prostitution, forced stripping, massage services, and pornography. (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking, 2009)


❖ Approximately 600,000 to 800,000 human trafficking victims are trafficked across international borders worldwide every year. (U.S. State Department, Trafficking in Persons Report, 2011)


❖ After drug trafficking, trafficking in humans ties with the illegal arms industry as the second largest criminal industry in the world today. It is the fastest growing criminal industry. (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2011)


❖ Most sex trafficking is regional or national and is perpetrated by traffickers who are the same nationality as their victims. (United Nations, Global Report on Trafficking in Persons, 2009)


❖ As many as 2 million children are subjected to prostitution in the global commercial sex trade. (U.S. State Department, Trafficking in Persons Report, 2011)


❖ At least 15,000 people are trafficking into the United States annually. (U.S. State Department, Trafficking in Persons Report, 2010)


❖ Estimates suggest as many as 300,000 children annually are at risk of commercial sexual exploitation. (Richard Estes and Neil Weiner for University of Pennsylvania, 2001)


❖ The average age of entry into prostitution in the United States is 13- to 14-years-old. (Sara Ann Friedman for ECPAT-USA, “Who Is There to Help Us?,” 2005)


❖ Nationwide there are fewer than thirty safe homes for victims of sex trafficking to receive treatment and services. This severe shortage regularly causes their inappropriate placement in juvenile detention facilities. (Streetlight Tuscon, 2012)”


– Exodus Cry


This is the harsh reality. This is what lie’s within today’s society. This is what a lot of people are pouring their wallets into. This is ripping lives. This is ripping humanity to the core. Identities stripped, unwanted submission, forced sex, broken families, black mailed for life… an endless nightmare that will exist forever in the minds of the victims.

So I extend my question to you. What will you do?

Will you start changing the way you think? Will you start changing what you feed your mind with? Please remember that what you fill your mind with is what will govern your thoughts. Feed your mind with things that let you appreciate people and you will know how to appreciate. Feed your mind with sex. Then all you will think about is sex.

Thank you for reading up until this point. Thank you.

May you have a good day and cherish the luxury and time you have right now that you were able to read this entry without being forced to. Cherish those around you who have made you grow so well. Cherish the moments of your past and the present that you were able to do whatever you’ve wished to. Be thankful for everything has been for a good purpose for you and for what it has made you to be today. 

Lots of love. Janey xx