Studio Update/ Psycho-Pass, Asuna, Blue Rose Shoot!!!

Hi everyone! I’m a little behind in blogging this week because there’s been so much going on. I’ve got exciting news that I’ve got plans to be starting a youtube channel soon!!! There I’ll review some of the newest fashion cosmetic lenses and i’ll also be doing some makeup tutorials and my collaboration work with my friends!

So this week i started setting up my studio and did some cosplay shooting with friends as characters from the animes Psycho-Pass, Asuna from Sword Art Online and Blue Rose from Tiger and Bunny. It’s been a hectic couple of days trying to get things together but it all worked out smoothly. I’ve felt so blessed to know and getting to work with this awesome bunch. I had taken my leave from the cosplay community for a few years while I was back in uni but then it seems as though I’ve forgotten something that I’ve really loved. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to get around to editing the Blue Rose shoot yet but for now, Psycho-Pass and Asuna. Although I’ve posted these photos on my FB page already, I thought I might as well explain in detail what’s actually been happening. I would really appreciate it if you’re interested in getting your cosplay photos taken, edited or videoed or even if you have general questions about cosplay you can check out the advanced team of cosplayers and designers team and their pages as mentioned below!!!

So below is a quick phone snap from my friend/ filmographer SFVproductions.


Asuna teaserrrr!


Nona as Asuna

and Tomo  as the photobomber HAHAH!!

Andddd here is Kougami X Makishima from Psycho-pass 😀

xversion 2

Dat-Baka Cosplay as Makishima

Alan as Kougami/ Graphics

Photography/Mua: me

Filmography: SFVproductions

Assistants: Pandori Chan, Kagami and Danny

Wellp. I’ll keep you all updated! Next post: my nails of the week hahahah. Until then, take care XD!

Janey xx


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