Haul Update!!!

Hi everyoneee!!!!! I really wanted to upload a tutorial I did but this mobile net and dodgy computer just isn’t letting me upload ;_;

On the other hand~ I did my first splurge today! Here we are!




A bunch of stuff i’m not really going to go through name by name LOL but I can surely tell you it’s a lot cheaper than what you can get from your local store if you’re from where I am ^~^


Originally I was after both the red and green 500mm Bioderma makeup removers until I saw this limited packaging… and well.. yeap.. the cute pakaging won me over. LOL!!!


Welll THIS!!! YAYYYY!!!! Jill Stuart haul!!! After spending a certain amount, they gave me this super super cute makeup bag, air freshener and primer sample. ~ I love the whole range but to be honest, I’d only spend it on this luxury brand once in a while~

Thas all for now!!! Can’t wait to post high res photos up once I return!!!

Take Care!!!

Janey XX!


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