THANKYOU & Shout out to Fashion Eye!

Exciting news!! As some of you may know, that a while ago I entered a competition to gain the opportunity to review some contact lenses and E-Heart lashes! Firstly, I must thank you all for the epic support in voting for my makeup looks! It’s really encouraged me as I’m only just starting out on this road~ I’d also especially like to thank FashionEye for hosting the competition and being so generous in the gifts, encouragement and constant updates with the mailing of the products. So if you want new funky contacts or other fashionable hair chalk and upcoming colourful hip shorts, please visit her page! Not to mention that she caught wind of me going overseas and sent over these cute travel friendly lens cases! I’ll put a link down below so be sure to check her store out! The package came in the mail today and I’m really pumped to bring you all new tutorials and looks with these goodies!


So, there’s 6 pairs of cosmetic contacts, 2 sets of e-heart lashes and 2 dolly wink palettes!!! Please be patient with me as I’m going to be away overseas for a while but nevertheless, once I get the internet up and running, nothing is going to stop me!

The contacts i’ve decided to take away with me are Beuberry Velvet, Fynale Kiwi Green and Beuberry Natural Hazel. With the reviews on these might be in a week or so… I’ve just popped a vien in my eye and I think I need to rest a bit from all the stress and work i’ve been having >M<.

So, I’m hopping on the plane tomorrow and here’s my ON THE PLANE BATTLE ACNE AND DRY SKIN set!


It’s all the stuff with the green cap.~ This collection is by Etude House- specifically made to target acne prone skin and then revitalising it. I’m quite excited to try it out and even comes with a travel size bb cream! Perfect for the plane~_~ I’ll let you all how it goes!

Here’s the link to FashionEye~

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Janey xx



3 thoughts on “THANKYOU & Shout out to Fashion Eye!

  1. OMG so many lenses T^T I can’t wear coloured lenses, especially the one with the eye enlarging effect because I look creepy LOL And Dolly Wink palettes, so pretty ❤ I hope the AC Clinic works for you! I haven't tried them yet but there are so many good reviews out there~

    Anyway I nominated you for the Liebster Award. I hope you will accept it and pass it on to another awesome bloggers. Please do check my post here

    • Thank you so much for choosing me *_* I have like no idea what to sayyy!!!!!!! ❤ omgoshhh *_*!!!! And I'll post up a reply soon!!!!!!!! Thankyouu!!! I've just skimmed through your blog and you're doing an awesome job!!! Keep up the gw!!! ❤

      • you are very welcome ^^ i always love your makeup looks, especially the chanel inspired and the strawberry cheesecake *o* i’ll be waiting for your reply post 😉 thank you dear, will do ^^

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