Style blog/ keeping you updated!- totally random blog post

I sincerely apologize for having not uploaded for the past couple of days. I actually wanted to post up quite a few looks and things but have been held back from doing so because I can’t post it until the after the photographer’s post it~ But stay tuned for exciting photographs!

So what i’ve been doing lately… makeup looks on other people…cleaning and making room for my studio in the making, meeting up with friends and work and editing photos for people hahaha. 

The other day I bought some socks from topshop… While wondering what I could wear with it, i dug through my wardrobe and found an old fluffy skirt thing. It’s not really my style but the look turned out kinda cute. Really Japanese school girl style…. kinda…let me know what you think?




Shortly after I went to spice up the look with some glasses and looking totally style class asian…



Finally, I bought myself the most awesome snow lion shirt from Dangerfield by Pulp Kitchen. ❤ I love it so much! I apologize for the awkward posing… I really do have an awkward stance… hahahah



Let me know what you think about the shirt and how you would wear it? I’ve worn it with some blue smoke print leggings also by Pulp Kitchen and heels but if you’ve got any other creative ideas let me know! xx


Stay tuned!

Janey xx


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