The long awaited Hera CC Cream FULL review!

What on earth is CC cream?!? Well it stands for complete care cream or colour control cream. It’s supposedly the improved version of BB cream… beauty blemish or beauty balm cream. Let me explain with why there’s two names. From what i’ve been snooping around on the internet i’ve noticed two different types of cc cream. There’s not an entire chunk of difference between the both except its form. The one i’m going to show and review on is the complete care cream. This one is the one with colour coverage as well as other skin benefits- such as spf protection from uv and ub rays and some sort of skin tone correction. The other one, colour correction cream, appears as a white cream that after application transforms accordingly to your skin colour. It’s more translucent than the latter so the coverage is lighter but supposedly even out your skin tones more. There are a couple out there but Rae Morris raves on about the Loreal one…which she’s been using like no tomorrow on the latest Loreal paris fashion walk… 

So followed by Chanel’s attempt at cc cream, I’ve heard reviews saying that it enhances oiliness and dryness being that its acclaimed to be an oil free product. – perhaps wasn’t so popular for a lot of people with skin problems- especially those of combination skin. I unfortunately happen to be one of them so didn’t even bother trying. I went straight to trying the Hera one because I was looking for a BB cream alternative because my BB cream just doesn’t last all day… and I don’t like having foundation on my skin for 12 hours straight. It just feels so heavy!!!! Urgh and its gross and you feel gross at the end of the day!!!


The Hera CC cream is also known as the “photoshop cream” as it claims to give you a flawless, airbrushy finish to your face after application. (As does any other product… LOL) It also claims to stick tightly to your face, doesn’t leave an oily finish, moisturises, makes your skin appear bit more bouncy and youthful (elasticity), covers flaws naturally, evens out uneven skintone and spf35+ protection. Sounds too good to be true yeah!? Yeah…

Picking the right shade:

The Hera CC cream comes in two shades- the 01 (The one I bought) and the 02. The 01 is slightly pinker, and slightly fairer in tone while the 02 is a little bit more yellow. I have some slighter pink patches over my face so hence i’m using the 01. And if you’re a little darker than fair and have a warmer yellow tone to your face then perhaps the 02 is better for you~

Lasting and oiliness results:

Anyway I put it to the test over a period of time to see what would happen. I’ve used it in photoshoots, my own face, model’s faces, applied it with mixing it with other products! Overall I quite like it and I think i’ll be repurchasing it. I usually like applying the product on with a beauty sponge. And yes, I think the product covers my pores quite well without clogging them up. It does actually make me look like i’ve got flawless skin- minus the few bumps or scars that i’ve already got- so those i had to go and cover with concealer.

I was using the skin79 Super Blemish Balm from the VIP Gold Collection prior and my skin was breaking out. It didn’t use to do this but perhaps it’s because my face is quite the combination skin and quite reactive to seasonal and lifestyle changes it just needed something- better. When I first used the CC cream what I noticed that it was the tiniest thicker in consistency than the BB cream. It wasn’t as oily or shiny- which is what I liked because I have the oiliest T-zone EVER EVER! The CC cream definitely lasted longer than the BB cream although I still couldn’t escape applying a little bit of powder to make sure it would set for the day. It lasted about…. 6-8 hours or so in moderate 23-25 degree heat outdoors and it didn’t slip around my face much. Something like that. Whereas any of my bb creams would start showing signs of wearing off after about 3 hrs…sigh

Colour Correcting results:

Seeing that i’ve been using it over some time I think my face has actually cleared up a bit more and the tonality across my face has indeed gotten better. Whereas during the time I was using BB cream… my face still had its on n off weeks. It’s been more consistent now. My pinky patches on the sides of my face have evened out a little bit. So i guess that’s a good thing~ And mind you, I have a pretty terrible sleeping and eating patterns.

How it looks on skin and experimentation:

Another thing I liked about the CC cream is the fact that after application if leaves your skin looking hydrated and ‘glowier’ but not oilier :D!!! My T-zone still oils up after about 5 hours but definitely lasted much longer than the BB cream. So I’m not complaining.

Now for experimentation. I’ve been mixing this product with my Gorgeous foundation for photoshoots with models lately and the photographer I’m usually working with is totally impressed with the slight glow and radiance it’s have on the model’s face. Using this combo means i’m using less foundation so i’m getting a fresher and more natural look on the models. (Which is totally the in thing right now. As you would notice on runways models are really hitting it up with the fresh dewy face kinda look) When I used to use straight foundation, without photoshop the models looked evidently more tired and the application of makeup was absolutely more obvious.

I’ve also tried mixing it with my It’s Skin VC correcting serum. I think this is probably my favourite combo. Using the serum means i’m using even less CC cream= less makeup! YAY! Its hard for a girl to really go from using a whole stack of makeup to using a bare minimum. I’ve been trying to use less makeup nowadays for when I go out casually so I can keep my skin youthful and I guess this has been my most effective combo yet. The serum helps brighten up my skin a lot and keeps it moisturised without it being oily and the CC cream covers up any blemishes ever so slightly so I still look true to my own skin but not too tired and not too fake. 🙂 *claps*

Finally, I’ve also mixed this stuff with both the VC Serum and the Holika Holika aqua petit Jelly BB cream. I don’t know why I did this, but it’s a pretty good combo too. My face feels super hydrated, and I have a really dewy looking skin. So if that’s what you’re going for for that day, go for it. Wouldn’t recommend it for a hot summer’s day though because you might end up looking a bit too glossed up for it LOL!

Below are some before and after application swatches of the 01 shade on my ugly rough hands:



Final remarks:

So I really do like this product and as I said I’m thinking or repurchasing it. The result looks really natural. The Hera CC cream smelt pretty good and reminded me of the Christian Dior foundation range- not too strong but a very nice clean and fresh smell. It’s not full coverage but its enough to leave you happy about it because it brightens up your skin tone and doesn’t feel cakey or leave you looking fake. I like how it makes your face glow slightly without it being oily and I really don’t complain about its lifetime on the face. The only thing i’m not too fond of is its price. It’s just.. SO PRICEY!!! T_T!!! I Also wish it came in more shades but perhaps that would be for further down the track in time!!!
I bought this from Koreadepart for about $44 AUD

Well that’s it! Hope you enjoyed it!

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    • Hi! Sorry that I took a few days to reply. I’ve looked around absolutely everywhere and including the box contents and unfortunately it doesn’t specify out all the ingredients D:!!!! I’ll keep an eye out for it though. xx

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