Spring Look~ [Photo Heavy!]

How are we all today!? For today’s look I used the same palette as the previous cheesecake look. But this is a lot lighter in terms of liner and everything else. Although it’s autumn in Aussie land, I’m going away to spring and many of you who read this is probably in the middle of spring too! So I thought this would be appropriate.~




Pic 1: Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream, Jaminkyung Crema Caracol (snail cream..LOL), Stila perfecting concealer in shade 27(i think… it’s really used ><), MAC blush in Supernova, Palgantong Makeup powder in original beige, Makeup Forever 5 Camouflage Cream Palette, Maybelline lipstick in 303, Tony Moly Shimmer Cube in Brown.

Pic 2: Ben Nye Grande Colour Palette (I used the gold yellow and pink), Lioele all in one gel liner in Choco Brown, Jill Stuart Palette in 09 mandarin citrine, MAC lash curler, Lancome mascara in Hypnose.




1. Apply cream and a base over clean skin.

2. Beacuase I have some breakouts and red patch on my cheek, I used my makeup forever palette and took the green to lightly correct my skin colour. (Green cancels out redness)

3. Using a damp sponge, pat on minimal concealer and BB cream. I’m using bb cream for this look to keep a fresh and non cakey look~ I also used concealer as an eyeprimer.

4. Lightly powder the face for a poreless face!



5. Taking a white eyeshadow, apply this all over the lid and bringing it up to the brow bone.

6. Taking a cream yellow, apply this to the inner thirds of your eyelid.


 7. Taking a stronger gold-ish yellow, I apply this on the centre right over the yellow shadow from before and blend it out for a nice gradient of colour.

8. Now take a fluffy buff brush and smother that into the outer V and using a sweeping window motion blend it into your crease.

9. [sorry I didn’t get a photo for this step><] Use a bullet brush and take the hot pink and line it over the top lashline and outer third of the bottom lash line.

10. Line your eyes with a brown shadow followed with a brown gel liner. For the liner I simply followed the line of my eye and extended it out without winging it. I then joined the end tip in a straight line with my lower lashline. It’s a popular korean way of doing eyeliner. Use the remaining brown shadow to fill in your brows!



11. Contour and blush~


12. Highlight on the nose bridge, c-zones, t-zone, forehead, cupids bow and chin. I applied a bit more this time because I wanted to look more dewy and shiny…LOL

13. Curl them lashes and apply mascara~

14. Finish off with a cute pink lipstick!


Enjoy and take care~ xx

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Light Strawberry Cheesecake Makeup!!! [Photo Heavy]

Hi! It’s been a while sine i’ve last posted up a makeup look tutorial. I apologise as I’ve been extremely busy. So in advance I’ll perhaps just limit myself to two posts a week. ><!!! I’ll also be going away overseas for a while but I’ll keep you all updated as much as I possibly can and let you in on awesome products from overseas!

Here’s a look that I did last week and finally got around to doing all the editing just now! Hope you enjoy this cute look! It’s extremely wearable and reminds me of a strawberry cheesecake. 🙂



Pic 1: Smashbox Photo Finish foundation primer, Hera CC cream in 01, It’s Skin VC Effector, Gorgeous Camouflage Cover Creme, Lioele Secret Pore HD Powder

Pic 2: Gorgeous Essential Shades Palette, DUO eyelash adhesive, Dollywink liquid liner, Lancome mascara in Hypnose, Maybelline Hyper Diamonds palette in BR-1, Jill Stuart palette in 09 mandarin citrine, (also MAC lash curler)

Pic 3: Tony Moly Shimmer Lover Cube in 02 Brown, Etude House Tight Shading Corset in #05, MAC blush in Supernova, Toofaced shadow insurance, Candy Doll lipstick in 1C, MAC cremesheen glass in richer lusher.

 Let’s get started!\(^~^\)~


1. Apply primer, concealer and CC cream/BB cream/ foundation

2. Set the face with a powder.

2. Prime your eyes~



4. Take the lightest creamy yellow colour and pat this all over the lid with a flat shader brush. 

5. Then take a pink shadow and pat this on the outer half of your lids.


 6. Take an angled fluffy brush (or a domed fluffy brush that suits the size of your eyeshape) and buff and blend out the harsh edges. Bring the colour down to the outer third of the lower lashline.

7. Using a small flat rounded brush, dip it into the gold from the Maybelline palette and apply this on your lower lashline.

8. Use the white from the Jill Stuart palette and apply it as a highlighter to your brow bone and the area between your nose bridge and tear ducts.



9. With a pushliner, line the upper lash line with a dark brown shadow. You can also fill in your brows with this colour~

10. Complete the liner with a gel liner followed by a thin line of liquid liner as close to the lashline as possible!!

11. Curl and apply mascara ❤

12. Apply the falsies if you wish!


13. As my usual, taking the bottom three colours of the shimmer cube, I apply it as contour to my cheek bones, jaw line and the outer areas of my face.

14. Then taking the white, I use it as a highlighter to the chin, cupid’s bow, c-zones and t-zone. ❤ 

15. Blush and contour the sides of the nose.

16. Apply a cute baby pink lipstick.


17. Finish the look with a bit of lip gloss~ !

Yayyy ^~^v


Well ok. I’ll stop posing now. yuck. LOL!.

Hope you all like this look! Take care!

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Janey xx

Peace: Romans 5:1-8, 12:16-21, Philippians 4:4-9.

Introduction: Peace- the third characteristic of the fruit of the spirit. Most people associate peace with the absence of suffering or painful things; or even an image of green meadows and happy things or everyone getting along with one another. What does the Bible say about peace?

Big Idea: If there’s one thing that we should hold on tightly tonight, it is that true peace comes from knowing that our lives are in God’s control. It might not sound appealing as I say it now, but believe me, it is the peace that God gives that will guard our hearts and minds.

We are justified through faith by what Jesus has done. Through this faith, we have accepted God’s grace and in this we have hope, and in this hope we can have peace. Let’s have a breakdown of what peace really is. There are three points I want to go through to show you how it works and how we can have peace when God is in control of our lives.


Point 1: Peace with God (Spiritual Order)

Romans 5:1-8 

Being justified through faith, we receive grace and when we stand in this grace, we have reconciliation with God. With this reconciliation, we can therefore rejoice and have hope. It allows us to rejoice in all things, in suffering and in good times because we can look towards the hope of the glory of God.

 … But what is the hope in the glory of God!?

Illustration: What are some essentials we need in order to watch a movie at the cinemas or attend a show? We need tickets. The tickets have been paid for long before our arrival to watch the show. It’s not us that grants ourselves access to the show but it’s the tickets. Having the tickets with us is what grants us permission to see the show. The show in which our King Jesus will return and take us home!

In a way, our faith are these tickets. Our faith is what grants us access to God. It’s amazing that we have access to God! Better yet, it’s Jesus that paid for our admission to see the Father! Talk about free tickets! We rely on Jesus to be justified through faith so that we can have peace with God because faith grants us access into the grace of God. And this is our position- when we totally rely on Jesus we stand in grace, we are at a place of favour and mercy, we are at a place where all we can do is hope. 

When we stand in this grace (unmerited and underserved kindness) we can be assured. We can have hope. We can have peace because we know we can persevere through good times and bad times because all these things build up towards Jesus’ return.


Point 2: Peace on Earth (Relational Order)

Romans 12:16-21, 5:5

In what we have just read in Romans 5:5, we learn that God has poured out His spirit to us. As Christians, we serve God and His Spirit blesses us and it helps us and influences us in the way in how we live. It’s actually an assurance to God’s glory that is to come and it keeps us close to God! Now that we understand how in hoping in God we have reconciliation and peace, we have peace and better yet; are assured of it as we live our lives!

 How do we live our lives!?

We experience many things in living. Good stuff and pain keeps knocking at our doors constantly. It also means that we are crossing roads with people we love and people we find hard to love. But God calls us to love one another regardless. How does this have anything to do with peace? Well not only does this mean that we have peace with one another, those whose hope is in the Lord, know and endure because we have the assurance and know that God will take care of it all. (v.19) In knowing this, we can be at peace and we can endure as we wait upon Jesus. 

Why is it important to love our enemies… and how can we? Paul continues to encourage us to use this time to encourage one another to make peace with one another. You and I were all born into this world the same way and God has not orphaned any of us. It is comforting that God has left His Holy Spirit with us; and with His power among us, we are united. We can have peace with one another, and it lets us all be patient and bearing and enduring all things with the love Christ that was first graced upon us.

Therefore, bless your enemies, feed the hungry for our hope is rested in the peace of God that allows us to have peace with one another. It helps us stay reconciled with God because of we repay evil with evil, we’re crushing the reconciliation with God and putting Jesus back on that cross. So in everything you do, be reconciled with God to the place God in His providence puts you in, whatever it may be- so that you can rejoice.


Point 3: Peace Of God (Psychological Order)

 Philippians 4:4-9

The peace of God will guard our hearts. It helps us be at peace with God and with others. It is comforting to know that we have access to God and that we can look forward to His Glory that helps us live joyfully. In reading this passage, we can be at ease because we can bring all things to God. Happy or sad. It is our duty to bring everything to God in prayer- with this constant wrestling of thanksgiving and hunger for reconciliation. It keeps us on our feet.

Paul recommends to us that we come to God again and again in prayer and petition- because this is the remedy that keeps us from sinning, distrust and worldly distractions.

 If God is all knowing why do we have to keep praying!?

Just because God knows our needs and wants, it is NOT and excuse to not pray or even be lazy about it. God wants us to OWN the mercy He has graced upon us. He wants us to show that we value His mercy. This is His peace working within us. Prayer is not only exercising the access we have to God, but at the same time it is a constant reminder that keeps our hearts close to God. With being close to God, we learn His heart and His desires and this keeps us from sinning and falling away from God. The peace of God goes hand in hand with us keeping close to our duty; that is the response to the salvation we have in the free mercy of God through Jesus Christ.


“… And the peace of God which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Phil 4:7)

This is our confidence to live because we have Peace with God believing that God is in full control, that everything we may go through, God will bring us through so that one day we can have hope fulfilled and see the glory of Jesus returning.  🙂
With much love,
Janey xx

Photography/Mua Update!!!

Hi! So finally I present to you all some fantastic photographic work I got to work on with, done recently by Hayley Pease.

Photography: Hayley Pease @ http://hayleypease.com/

Model: Ana Karpoukhina

MUA/H: Myself



Hope you guys like the photos! 

Take Care and all the best xD

Janey xx


Cotton Candy Ombre Nails~ & Shoutout to Miss Wen! xx

Helloo everybody! How are we? A stunningly beautiful friend of mine- Miss Wengie posted up a super easy d.i.y tutorial on how to do ombre nails!!! It really helped!!! As you know i’m a total nooblet at doing nail art but nevertheless… I do try my bestest \;_;v

I really love pastel colours so I went ahead and.. well.. slapped on some a-typical cotton candy colours and a bit of sparkly stuff. : )


You can checkout Wengie’s beauty blog @ http://www.wengie.com

Or follow her awesome tutorial @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiykBYgYKyI&feature=player_embedded


Take care and have a fabulous day!~

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Flower fantasy makeup & IMP Box Photography

Hey guys! Cheers for uploading a bit of what i’ve been up to recently! I got to work on hair and makeup with my awesome buddy Jez @ IMP BOX Photography and one of my besties- Chiizu 🙂 

The look was suggested by Jez after reviewing some of Yoshitaka Amano’s artwork. One of my favs!!! His art style had heavily influenced my style of art back in the day when I was drawing~ There’s a film he drew called the Angel’s Egg. A beautiful and really enchanting piece of art.The photo below is what we used as a base image to work off the shoot from. (Not from Angel’s Egg)


Below is one of the many fantastic photos by Jez:


And following is one of my shots before the shoot.



Had a lot of fun doing the look. Its quite simple and oriental. Hope you enjoyed the little snippits!~

Take care!!

Janey xx

Style blog/ keeping you updated!- totally random blog post

I sincerely apologize for having not uploaded for the past couple of days. I actually wanted to post up quite a few looks and things but have been held back from doing so because I can’t post it until the after the photographer’s post it~ But stay tuned for exciting photographs!

So what i’ve been doing lately… makeup looks on other people…cleaning and making room for my studio in the making, meeting up with friends and work and editing photos for people hahaha. 

The other day I bought some socks from topshop… While wondering what I could wear with it, i dug through my wardrobe and found an old fluffy skirt thing. It’s not really my style but the look turned out kinda cute. Really Japanese school girl style…. kinda…let me know what you think?




Shortly after I went to spice up the look with some glasses and looking totally style class asian…



Finally, I bought myself the most awesome snow lion shirt from Dangerfield by Pulp Kitchen. ❤ I love it so much! I apologize for the awkward posing… I really do have an awkward stance… hahahah



Let me know what you think about the shirt and how you would wear it? I’ve worn it with some blue smoke print leggings also by Pulp Kitchen and heels but if you’ve got any other creative ideas let me know! xx


Stay tuned!

Janey xx

Yohio Makeup II! [Photo Heavy]

No doubt, I really like Yohio. Heheheh. Therefore I found another makeup he had on and I thought it was simple with a slight twist with the shadows. Really easy application and kinda fun to wear!


Make up used:




 Face Products: Clio art highlighter in 1 Pearl White, Lioele Secret Pore HD Powder, Etude House Shading Corset in #5, Hera CC cream in 01, The Body Shop 01 Shimmer Waves in Bronze, Majolica Majorca Pudd de Cheeks in OR302, Gorgeous camouflage cover creme, TooFaced Shadow insurance.


Eyeshadows: Ben Nye Lumiere Grande Colour Palette, Gorgeous Essential Shades Palette, Gorgeous Perfect Palete.


Other: Clio Diamond Rose HD Base, Maybelline One by One Volume Express, MAC gel liner in Blacktrack, MAC lip glass in Richer Lusher, MAC lash curler, DUO eyelash adhesive.




1. Moisturise and apply primer.

2. Conceal (My eyebags are beyond conceal-able LOL)

3. Apply on the CC cream with a beauty sponge/ blender for that flawless and pore-less porcelain skin look.

4. Puff on some translucent powder.


 5. Prime your eyes~

6. Using a big flat brush pat on some copper orange all over the lids.


 7. Then take a fluffy brush and pack in some dusty copper brown into the outer v.

8. Take an angled blending brush or a blending brush and blend in the colour that has just been deposited.



9. Using a very small brush, take some hot pink shadow and smooth that onto one of your lower lashlines and take a blue and do the same for the other eye!


 10. With a clean brush, pick up some pearl white and pat this into the inner corners of your eyes and also use it as a highlighter on your browbone.

11. Using a push liner, fill in your waterlines with a dark brown.



12. Use an angled liner brush and line your eyes, curl lashes and apply mascara.

13. Contours! Contour the cheek bones, jaw lines and the bridge of your nose.

14. Apply a dusty salmon blush.


15. Highlight: C zone, T-zones and nose!!

16. Finish off with falsies and applying a pinky lipgloss!

17. Oh and a blonde wig hahah!


The Modern Day Holocaust: Human Trafficking

It’s not my first time posting about human trafficking. And it definitely won’t be the last. Human trafficking is the modern day Holocaust. The modern day form of slavery. The us who are reading this here would most  likely already realise that it’s horrific- though perhaps not horrific enough to make us realise that we take everything we have at arms reach for granted. We might even have slight thoughts that run along the lines of “well some people choose to be this way” without considering the reality of how they are trapped to choose to live like so.

Just the other day, a friend and I went to view the film, “Trade of Innocents”, a thriller independent film aimed to raise awareness on the issue of human trafficking. I won’t go into too much detail because it is not my primary focus of the day, but it is definitely worth checking out. There is however a line that caught the majority of the viewer’s attention. That is “Changing the fear equation.” It went something along the lines of this: The people who should fear is not the victims, but the pimps and the sellers- these criminals. They’re the ones who should fear because people are watching. The only thing that is not stopping them is because there is fear in the victims, and there is fear in the passerby-s. 

If you haven’t heard of what human trafficking is, human trafficking is the fastest growing multi billion dollar criminal act on the face of this planet. It umbrellas an entire network of criminal acts based upon the demand for money and sex and other sexual pleasures. Pornography and a string of other things that have these sexual connotations even non-legit dvds come from this network. It may shock to you and maybe some of your friends that perhaps even you have somewhat contributed to growth to this criminal act.

The following explanation of human trafficking is extracted from the Trade of Innocents: 10 Things You Should Know Pamphlet:

Current U.S. Anti-Human Trafficking Law, the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (“TVPA”) defines “Severe forms of trafficking in persons”involves (A) sex trafficking in which a commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion, or in which the person induced to per- form such act has not attained 18 years of age; or (B) the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for labor or services, through the use of force, fraud, or coer- cion for the purpose of subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or slavery. See Trafficking Victims Protection Act, 22 U.S.C. 7102(8)


What’s so scary about it is that it is not only women as victims, a percentage of men and a huge percentage of children also make up this equation. Here are some astonishing facts:

  • 2 Children are sold into sex slavery every minute.
  • Average age of entry into this industry is around 11-14 years.
  • In the next 48 hours, 1 in 3 children will be lured into being in the sex industry
  • “Every 30 seconds someone is forced into modern-day slavery.” -A21 campaign

For more info you can view my previous blog here: https://thephotojaneic-diary.com/2013/03/09/human-traffickingsex-slavery-whats-with-that-girl/

In this blogpost I would also like to give a shoutout to the A21 campaign. They are an organisation that provides shelters and much work including prevention and providing presecutors in order to rescue girls from the pimps and their hidden locations. To them as well as every other organisation that is in this field, I give them my full support for their hard work. The harsh reality is that 99% of victims are not rescued. Regardless, that does not mean we should give up on increasing the 1% that are rescued and increasing that. The fear equation needs to be changed. “No-one can do everything, But everyone can do something.” I’m not encouraging hate on pimps and criminals because these people are also in need of a change in heart. Let’s face it, no-one is perfect and sometimes even for us we do some ridiculous things that hurt other people. No-one is better than anyone but we can all make the world a better place to live in if we truly started caring for one another.

No matter who you are, or what you are capable of, what little thing you can give up in your time can start a revolution. Whether you are a Christian or not these are things you CAN do:

  • Pray for victims- for strength, salvation, for protection and freedom and justice, for hope and healing.
  • Pray for Traffickers- for conviction, repentance, salvation, for networks to dismantle, for oppressors to be arrested and prosecuted.
  • Pray for Governments- for corruption to cease, or implementation of just legislation, for discernment in forming allies.


  • Write letters and write for victims rights.
  • Get social
  • Donate (if you can afford to)
  • Volunteer to help
  • Send gifts and encouragement
  • Educate yourself in the matter
  • Make videos or blog
  • Share with your friends the issue
  • Don’t take your life for granted because you have so much freedom. Make the most of what you have and give to others. There is nothing better than the gift of giving without expecting anything in return. ❤


Here’s the link to learn more about the A21 campaign:


and here’s that to the film:



That’s it for today and I pray that you’ll all think twice about every decision you make and be thankful for what you have at arms reach ❤ Take care. 

Janey xx

Chanel 2013 Summer Haute Couture Inspired Makeup! [Photo Heavy]

Finally, a change of face! A friend of mine suggested me to do a look similar to that of the Chanel’s latest summer haute couture. Challenge accepted. Although I think I should’ve spent more time to model this look to be more finite but I leapt straight to doing the look when I was over at a close friend’s house. It’s been one of the more challenging looks that I’ve done but I had a lot of fun and quite a headache!!! Here’s what I came up with ^^:


What I used:




 Face: Lioele Secret HD Powder, Lace, Felt (create a natural organic design to go on the undereye area!), Etude House Shading Corset in #5, MAC blusher in Supernova, Smashbox photo finish primer, Tony Moly Shimmer cube in brown, Gorgeous base perfect liquid foundation in 1Y-BP, You also need your fav pair of lashes~


Eye shadows: Gorgeous essential shades palette, Jill Stuart palette in 09 Mandarin citrine.


Other: TooFaced shadow insurance, Lancome mascara in Hypnose, HUB Makeup mascara in Superlash black, DUO eyelash adhesive, Stila waterproof eyeliner in Stingray, MAC lash curler.



 1. Start off with a clean face. Apply your face primer and conceal any blemishes with a concealer brush.

2. Using a foundation brush, apply a matte foundation to the skin. We’re not going for a dewy look today because the look is very organic with a touch of dark and venetian element. [You may also decide to only apply the foundation on the eye area first and then apply foundation to the rest of the face after applying the eye makeup because it may get messy if you’re not used to the product you’re using ^~^]

3. Apply the eye primer all over the lids and the undereye area to secure the black shadows later.


4. [Now i’ve actually finished one side of the eyes before doing the other so you can see how I get the final result.] Using a cream liner, fill out the entire lid as shown.

5. Use a matte black, pat it over the cream base and repeat using a shimmery black. Blend out any harsh edges with a precision blending brush so it doesn’t get too messy.

6. Take the cream liner again and line your eyes. Bring the liner down to your bottom lashline thickly like so. Don’t worry if it’s messy, we’re going to blend it out right after!



7. So take a short flat shading brush and run the matte black shadow over the cream bottom line you just made and blend it out with the top shadow.

8. Next, use a clean bullet brush and apply it to the inner corner of your eyes.

9. Use the precision shadow again, with the TINIEST amount of shimmery black, blend out the white slightly.



10. Using a medium sized shader, apply a shimmery dark brown shadow to the eye sockets so that it softens the black.

11. Now for the fun/ trickier part. Take the lace design that you had prepared. Place the lace on the outer areas of the eye and take the matte shadow and apply it carefully over the lace to create the delicate design. Continue this step until you are satisfied with the amount of lace pattern on the face.



12. Afterwards, take the lovely design cutout that was prepared earlier and apply lashglue and paste it over the lace design. Make sure the lace design still peeps through!



13. Slim and bring out the cheek bones by contouring the hollows of your cheeks and jawline~

14. Apply a dusty rose blush.

15. Highlight the high points of your face. Nose, cheeks, chin, forehead.

16. Contour the nose!


 17. Fill in the brows. Make sure they’re thick and defined.

18. Apply the falsies and a matte lip ❤

Here’s the final look:


Hope you guys enjoyed the look! A massive big shout out and thanks to my friend Chiizu for letting me photograph experiment on her face! xx

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Janey xx