Ice Queen- competition trial makeup!

Hi everyone! Wow it’s been a crazy day… woke up at the crack of dawn to do photographic work… and then went to this “thing”, came home more photographic work, went out with a friend, came back, more photographic work then worked over a new look!!! If you’ve got any miracle products that help with eyebags please suggest!!! I would sleep but because of work load unfortunately I only get a few measly hours of sleep a day. :”[ 

Anyway so here’s a new look i’ve spent a couple of days thinking about. It’s for a competition that’s giving away cosmetic contact lenses for people to review and other beauty products. This is only a trial version and I know I need some lower lashes to balance it out. Let me know what you think in the comments below!!! ❤ If you’ve got tips please give me a heads up also! I took the photos on my phone because I’m going to have a photoshoot for the look in a few days.



Face shots:




Well thankyou for all your support!!! Take Care ❤

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Janey xx


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