Breakup Makeup or for when you’re not feeling all that great.

Sometimes its just not your day. It might not even be a breakup and it might not be anything all too serious but there are just those days where you feel tired of it all. On top of that you feel sluggish yet still want to look great. Just now I got a little bit- i don’t know sudden surge of feeling poopie and thought well- what could one do to still look fantastic without wanting to try because you just can’t…?

I’m sorry I didn’t get to photograph all the steps but here’s an everyday wearable look for when you’re on the go or just can’t be bothered to put a lot of effort into perfecting your makeup. So here’s the look. No need for skill : ] Scroll down to the bottom to see the final look!


1. Wash your face and refresh yourself. Ice out those eyebags or puffy eyes with a cold towel.

2. Lovingly apply some face serum or moisturiser to ready your skin with a healthy glow.

3. Apply concealer and a bb cream or a really light foundation. I wanted a dewy look to look more fresh and glowy~

4. LIGHTLY apply a little bit of translucent powder to set the bb cream.

5. Use a shimmery champagne and apply this over your lids with your finger. Highlight your brow bone.And highlight the tearducts and lower lashline.

6. Take a Taupe or chocolate brown and buff it into your eye sockets.

7. Use a bullet brush and apply a black eyeshadow and line your eyes as you would with a gel liner.

8. Line your waterline with a pencil liner. Keep the look soft.

9. Curl & apply mascara. Fill in your brows.

10. Contour and blush. 

11. Apply highlighter over your t-zone, c-zone and areas where your eyebags fall. (if you have puffy eyes then don’t do that but apply over your cheeks).

12. Put bb cream over your lip and apply a tint in the middle of the lips for that kissable baby doll lips.

And you’re done : )


Well simple and short but I hope you guys enjoyed it.~

Take care. ❤

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Janey xx


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