Nana Suzuki’s Inspired pinky look!

Hellooo everyone~ today i’ve been inspired by Nana Suzuki’s pink shadows and decided to replicate it coz it was kind of cute~ Yes i’m still in my stage of loving bright colours. So here’s the look:


Yyayy let’s start:~


1. Prime, conceal, and apply your bb cream/ cc cream/ foundation! Then prime your eyelids!

2. Apply a light purple all over your lids. (the circled area)

3. Now take a pink and blend it into your crease!

4. Take a shimmery white and blend it into your brow bone for highlighting. Also apply this on your inner corners.


5. Bring the shimmery white and pat it across the inner half of your lower lash line.

6. Take a really bright pink and line it across the other half of your lash line and wing it out.

7. Line your eyes! Don’t forget the waterlines! Apply mascara

8. Apply your falsies and fill in your brows~

9. Contour, blush and highlight!!!

and you’re done!! YayyY~

(An optional step is to enlarge your eyelids by using eyelid glue or tape. It makes a dramatic difference to your eyes and makes the look more wearable~)



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Janey xx


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