Black & Gold melty nails!

Disclaimer~ I’m not really good with nail stuff but i’ve been playing around with it a bit lately :]!

Lately i’ve had some weird obsession with black and some other bright colour (namely yellow) contrast and since I did a look inspired by Park Bom, why not do my nails as well!?

Here’s what happened at around 3am in the morning…sitting in front of my computer…




I donno…. the colours look really nice- though I would’ve preferred it more if the gold looked more melty… hahahah 

The nail polish I use over and over again is actually the gold one i’ve used by Castledew. SOooooooooOOo pretty and heaps build-able.



It’s been a really long day for me so I hope you all have been well! Enjoy!xx

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Janey xx



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