Haul arrived xD!

Whoohoo so i’ve been waiting~ and my stuff from korea depart has arrived!! Yay! The most exciting thing would be to try out the cc cream. YEP you read right. CC CREAM. I had a swatch of HERA’s cc cream it and it smelt like the Dior Forever foundation. (that’s a big plus for me coz it was my first love in foundations) Feels like a light bb cream and texture of a flawless foundation but better coverage than a bb cream! I fell in love right away! Yes, i like it more than boys.. JOKES. (wait don’t get the wrong impression of me plz. I’m not…LOL) ANYWAY- 

Cc cream stands for complete care cream. It has more benefits than bb cream and has more coverage. It’s quite exciting to see that cosmetics are moving into being health products as well! whoot! Maybe eyeshadow will have a getting rid of your saggy eyeskin later on…LOL who knows. So i’ll review that after i’ve properly tried it!

ImageYayy denim shirt and a green skirt and NO i will not pair these together. hahah but the bag is really.. really cute…

And, cosmetics : > 

-It’s skin power 10 Formula VC effecter

-Hera cc cream

-Etude house ac clinic trial kit

-Etude house face color corset

– Etude house mini brow class cutting scissors

-Holika Holika aqua petit jelly BB

-It’s skin power 10 formula propolis

-Jaminkyung crema caracol cream original decaracol


Well that’s all for now but have a good day and all the best! *muah~

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Janey xx



One thought on “Haul arrived xD!

  1. Hi Jane,

    Those products look really awesome, I was wondering where did you get them? Oh also, the tony moly stuff from your previous post, I’m so jealous!!! Looking forward to the posssible review of the CC cream!!

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