NEO Cosmo: Ruby Queen (Blue) circle lens review!

Yesterday I received these lovelies in the mail and after wearing them today I shall bring to you my thoughts etc. : ) I purchased them off and waited for about 2 weeks which is pretty normal for Australia.

Here’s what it looks like by itself:




Curve is 8.6. The lens are pretty floppy and adjustable so they’re quite comfy.

Diameter: 14.2. If you’re looking for super enlargement pretty lenses or lenses that fill up eye whites then these probably aren’t for you. Though if you just want subtle but detailed pretty lenses then by all means 😀 I don’t have a lot of eye white space so they’re perfect for me.

Life: The recommended is about 6-8 months. Which is what i recommend for circle lenses anyway. Any older start getting uncomfortable and could possibly be quite dirty for your pretty eyes! 

First Impression:

Wow so pretty! They look like diamonds (in the skyyy~ LOL jokes.)! The design is very cute, princessy and still looks fairly normal for everyday wear. Not too over the top but upon closer inspection you see the cute detail.


There has never been a 10/10 ones for me (I have pretty dry eyes when i’m heaps tired… and i’m always tired LOL) , especially with the Geo lenses- they’re a bit thicker. Suprisingly though, these ones are REALLY comfy. The lens is quite thin. It’s a little bit harder to put on because they’re a bit floppier than your usual soft lenses so be careful if you have long nails! Once you put them on you kind of forget that they’re there! 

I had them on for about 8 hours with about 4 hours of sleep and a twitchy eye. So you can imagine how tired my eyes were : ‘< But I wore them to look more presentable as a designer/mua for work today. They were quite comfy and didn’t dry up!!! Even after 8 hours they still felt pretty fresh. Therefore the verdict: 10/10!

Heres what it looks like on the eye. I have dark brown eyes… and below that me looking very very tired hahah~



Well, hope that helped you and your purchase decision! The model I worked on today said it looked really cool so, that’s a plus yeah!? C:

Hope you’d vote for me in the contest located in the link below and have a wonderful day!


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