Cosmetics Haul!!!!

Probably not the most exciting thing for the readers but very exciting for me! Today I got my package from Keauty (online shop) and went and picked up some Tony Moly stuff- just thought I might try it out.

Here they are!


Coloured hair extensions, ruby queen contact lenses, Lioele pore clean and tightening pack, lioele secret pore HD powder, and they gave me some cute freebies! aka- the tote bag and lens case!

The bag was so cute i kinda just had to do a separate photo of it.- from skin food


Okay now for the Tony Moly stuff


They were selling this massive lips makeup bag filled with the goodies below for $9.99 AUD! A load of samples and bottles of their whitening range, mask and all. Great buy for travelling! Then to the right are some multi purpose shimmer boxes. A bit expensive but i needed it for a shoot and the colours were what I was looking for. Can be used for contouring, blush, eyeshadows, highlighting. -Pretty good for on the go i guess 😀 

Stay tuned for the reviews! I’m trying on the pore clean tightening pack as we speak and can feel my face tightening up already LOL! 

As shameless as this request is, please vote for me following the link below! hahahah >< it would be much appreciated! ❤

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Janey xx


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