De Rose of Día de los Muertos- Day of the Dead Makeup!

Helloo my lovelies! How’re you all going today? I finally mustered up enough time to sit my fat backside down and figure how to do a requested makeup look from my friend! She drew out a rough diagram and I just sorta.. adjusted it to my face and stuff like that. Hahah. Oh and the product list will be at the end :).  I call this: 

De Rose of Día de los Muertos~
Let’s get started! This will be a long tutorial!
1. You want to start off with a really clean and moisturised face. -And i mean REALLY MOISTURISED because the thick white foundation will dry out your skin. Then use a makeup fix as a security for your makeup to last. I used MAC fix plus.
2. Use a face primer as a base. This is really important because it helps spread the foundation properly. Make sure to spread this down to your chin and neck area!
3. Now apply your white foundation or white face-paint! Apply it all over the face, lips, neck and chin. Then blend out using your fingers or a sponge. I’m not sure if i like using a brush for this step because with the white leaves obvious streak marks and leaves your brush… pretty hard to clean. So my fingers have been my best friends LOL. Easy maintenance.
4. Depending on the colour palette of your design, take a coloured liner or lip pencil (or if you don’t have the right colour take your lightest lip pencil) and start marking out the design. If your design is vibrant in colour like mine then i would avoid using black or grey because they’re dark and would be annoying to erase mistakes. To mark out your design, I recommend doing it in “layers”. What I mean is do the large shapes first and after filling those out then add smaller details.
5. Using a concealer brush (preferably synthetic because it’s easier to clean and you will be using it again later…) blend out the marks and gradate the colours and define the lines.
6. For this next step you may use eyeshadows but I used cream face colours which I for me is easier to blend the colours over this surface and highly blend-able with fingers as well. To create the gradation from red to pink, I mixed the red cream colour with my white cream foundation and slowly adjusted the colours with the same concealer brush, applying it to however i wanted it for the design.
7. Now that you’ve got the hang of doing the details and adjusting colors, go ahead and add in the rest of the details. You might want to try it first on the back of your hand as some colours will come out a little bit more unexpectedly in different shades while working on an unfamiliar colour surface. With my nose i outlined with a black eye pencil. Filling in the shape, adding crosses and such with a black cream colour with another concealer brush and then finalising it with using an angled brush and a black gel liner.
For the Heart I filled it in with a bright red lip liner and packed on the red cream colour on top. I smoothed the edges with concealer brush (1) and defined the tip of the heart with black.
Then for the swirly design i went in with a lime crime liquid white eyeliner.
I went to contour the hollows of my cheeks, jawlines and the outer rim of my face with a dust brown rose eyeshadow and packed it on with a massive round top eyeshadow brush. 
My lips actually started cracking here so I went straight to putting lip ointment on.
8. So continuing on with the design i used a dust rose eyeshadow to fill in the petals i drew out with the first lip pencil. Then I went over the outline with the white liquid liner.
I went back to the lip… hahah. Using a dark dust rose lipstick I used a flat concealer brush to pat down a flower pattern over my lip. Then I simply drew on the stitches with the black gel liner.
9. At this time you should be getting quite familiar with adjusting the colours on your face so continue with adding on details and making it pretty : ) For my chin I drew a little heart and filled it out with lip liner and blended it with with white foundation to create the pink.
10. Line your eyes with the gel liner and line with liquid liner after. and apply falsies!!! Touch up your makeup and do your hair xD
Aright. Here’s the list of makeup i used!
Left: Gorgeous essential shades palette
Right: Gorgeous essential perfect palette
Smashbox photo finish foundation primer
Ben Nye Neutral Set colorless face powder
Mac Fix+
Duo Eyelash adhesive
Pawpaw ointment
Gorgeous black jack eye pencil
Extreme gel eyewear by Lilan Vital
Ben Nye Professional wheel RB Red Black & White
Clio waterproof eyeliner (forgot the name T_T it rubbed off!!)
Lime Crime uniliner in Reason
Lime Crime uniliner in Lunar Sea
Gorgeous Lipliner in 1m8
Professional Lipliner in nutmeg
Lancome mascara Hypnose
Ben Nye Creme Stick in SFB-01 White
Chanel Lipstick in Rouge Allure (110)
Dollywink Eyelash in no.13
Decolor Lashes 
Hope you enjoyed this look and have a good day!!! xD
Lots of love. xx
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