Removing all that Fake Eyelashes and Eyelid Glue!!!

I wanted to post this tomorrow but then my someone went to hog the toilet while i went to remove my eyelashes… and upon that, this post might be as important to you girls or boys out there as it is to me. If you’re one of the many ladies and gentlemen out there who love their fake eyelashes and eyelid glues but get super annoyed at removing them EVERY SINGLE TIME because its JUST SO HARD TO, then this is for you!

So, I Have this love hate relationship with fake eyelashes and eyelid glue. I like them because they make my eyes humungo. I hate them because its annoying to remove- with everything and anything at some point you still have to rub n scrub- yet that gluey stuff still remains! And we all know that it leads to saggy eyelids later down the road of ageing- and we wanna prevent that! Not only that! But also cleaning these ugly little hairy things become such a chore…

So goodbye rubbing eyes and here’s a thing i found that might be your solution as well!Image

So without further ado-! I present you le tsukemagic point make-up remover! cha-changg! (Bought this from


Yeah so with this its a lot easier to remove eyelashes and eyelid glue. What I do is:

  1. Soak cotton pad with the stuff and place it over my eye so it starts dissolving the makeup/ glue.
  2. Gently massage down the falsies and remove.
  3. Soak a cotton tip/Q-tip with the solution and roll over glue-ey areas until removed. (You may need 2-3 q-tips and repeat the steps until its really clean)
  4. You’re ready to remove the rest of your makeup!!!
  5. Cleaning the hairy things: take a cotton pad and fold. Place the lashes into the pad with the lashes facing the open side of the pad. Gently hold onto the lashes and with one half of the pad, push from the lash band where the glue is towards the closed side of the pad.

Nice’n’clean without using your fingers that might damage your skin! : D

Hope this helped!

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Janey xx


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