Polka dot nails and bear squishing!

Like any other day in the life of a shop-a-holic I had a quest to go out and not shop… and obviously, I failed. : <


I came across these dazzling bottles at a local asian cosmetics store and couldn’t resist. If there was something you needed to know about me is that I have really shaky hands which means that when it comes down to nail art- i’d get an epic fail. BUTTTTT hallelujah! This cute set of three came with a dotting tool for $18! You could probably get it for cheaper online or overseas but from where I live- by the time you sit around waiting and paying for shipping costs for 1 item just isn’t worth it.

So here we go, my first attempt at using a dotting tool. not too bad for a beginner aye?


I’d love to get some advice from you masters out there!

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Janey xx


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